Networking/ICS with Win98SE

  Tj_El 21:21 19 Apr 2003

Hi people,

In 98SE, is there an icon similar to that found in the XP system tray that shows the status of the LAN connection/internet connection?

I am networking my 2 PC the 1st running XP Home and the other 98SE - well fleccs' SPEEDOS to be more precise. I can ping and see the shared folders of each PC ok but cannot share my BB internet connection.

Anyone have experience of this? How did U resolve? Have read from a few sites (practicallynetworked etc.) but still cannot get my head around it. Your collective assistance appreciated.


  troydi 21:45 19 Apr 2003

Tell me how you got the computers to see each other! I am currently trying to network 2 xp pcs with 3 98SE pcs, and the xps can see each other, the 98SE's can see each other, but no luck between the two! Weirdly they share internet fine!

With regard to internet sharing, in internet tools, set up internet to be accessed via the LAN. I don't know how to see the status of the LAN connection in 98SE, sorry!

  Tj_El 15:51 20 Apr 2003

It took me quite a while but I got there.

In XP, after installing the driver for the NIC, I went into 'Network Connections' and set up the LAN TCP/IP 'Properties' to use a given IP address/subnet mask ( rather than get it 'automatically'. I also entered my DNS server details. I also created the Network SetUp Disk.

In 98 I run the NETSEPUP program on the floppy drive and after installing the NIC & driver, I went into 'Network' and under 'TCP/IP' of the card set the 'IP address' & subnet mask as the next sequential IP number ( . I then went to the 'Gateway' tab and added the 'IP address' of the XP NIC as the gateway.

I then re-started the XP pc first and then re-started the 98 pc. When the XP pc icon in the system tray showed as 'connected' I tested the connection by pinging the 98 from the XP and vice versa.

Previously when I did this it failed to work but after much reading I discovered that it was because of my firewall so I had to first UNINSTALL the firewall, then set up the cards etc. Then I installed the firewall and set up the IP address of the 98 pc as a trusted zone.

Best luck.

I can't get the 98 to connect to the NET via the LAN. I may be missing something....

  Tj_El 18:37 20 Apr 2003

Yes, I was missing something..... fresh install coming up.... :-)

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