Antz 21:41 08 Aug 2003

can anyone suggest a simple solution to this. I want to network my p.c and laptop,my laptop has a built-in network card but i have no free pci slot on my p.c. My question is ;can i purchase a usb network device for my p.c instead of having to remove an existing pci card and if so what exactly am i looking for? in addition to this would it be better to go wireless via a usb port or is the cost difference justifiable. I am brand new to the idea of networking and with all the info out there it is still difficult to come to a decision on this...............Thanks in advance for any help

  gazmania 22:00 08 Aug 2003

I am a novice but managed to set up a wireless network at home recently (gloat, sorry). I thoroughly recommend Linksys. Their support has A1 customer service. The products are wide ranging, look on and buy from an online Etailer. PS I don't have shares in Linksys.

  John-259217 22:09 08 Aug 2003

Yes you can use a usb network adapter on your pc.

Most networking equipment suppliers make suitable adapters.

You will need a cable known as a crossover (x-over) to connect the two machines. This is similar to an ordinary network cable but the connections are reversed at one end.

Only you can decide if the expense of wireless adapters is worth it but it does allow you freedom to access your main pc and share its internet connection throughout your house (and garden while the weathers nice :-).

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