networking yet again

  westdudes 15:03 05 Feb 2004

hi..ive just got a speedtouch 510 router from aol,,,and i have aol broadband...

problems i've encountered so far.....yesterday...1st attempt at it.

managed to get the software that came with it to detect the router....all seemed fine...managed to transfer files to and from computer.

tried to get aol working on both computers...spend 45mins on phone to a guy at aol too sort the problem out....i couldnt use a username thats 8 characters long lol...all seemed fine..until i came back from work and turned the comp's on..whenever i signed on to aol...the computer just so bad i had to reformat the hard drive on the my pc (laptop was fine)

once reformatted and windows etc set up....the software with the router would NOT detect the router.But would sign on perfectly as if the router was installed...i cannot file share though...and windows xp will not show the laptops files and the laptop will not show the pc's files...and ill be frank...ive tried everything in windows xp to sort...but the software with the router won't detect the router even though everything is connected spot on..confusing?i am too...anyideas??i would be so greatful right now

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