Networking XP Wired Belkin 5 Port Network Switch

  hils54 10:25 25 Jul 2004

I am trying to network 2 computers through a Belkin 5 pport network switch. I can get both computers to see each other and look at the files.
I cannot get the second machine a note book to access the internet.
I have broadband supplied by a BT Voyager 100 modem to the first computers USB port.
Whatever I try I cannot get them to be on the internet at the same time.
Anyone know the answer

  bremner 10:47 25 Jul 2004

Have you used the Internet Connection Sharing Software to configure the net up?

  bremner 10:49 25 Jul 2004

That almost makes sense even with the typo.

It should say 'set up'

  hils54 12:45 25 Jul 2004

Thanks but I have tried that and it made no difference

  AndySD 13:08 25 Jul 2004

Its probably the firewall on the main pc stopping the connection.... have a look in its help files to see if there is a simple option ti allow ICS

  hils54 13:30 25 Jul 2004

Thanks for the help.
I have had to unistall zone alarm on both computers as that was the problem just using the firewall in the modem now.

  toothwright 14:46 25 Jul 2004

Had the same problem recently using a D-Link switch and ZA Pro.

I found that if you allow DHCP in Internet and Trusted zones on ZA you can use both the hardware and software firewalls.

  hils54 07:08 26 Jul 2004

Thanks for the info, what is DHCP?

  Rogerfredo 09:03 26 Jul 2004

I also had your problems using a Belkin switch.
The problem with broadband connections is that the ISP only provides one "identity".
The only way I solved the problem was moving to a Belkin router which takes care of sharing the same connection for you. I used ethernet though.
I am not sure that you can get a USB router.

  Hils2 09:26 26 Jul 2004

Thanks I was thinking about a router I would have had to get ADSL modem/router. But the Belking switch box is working fine with two computers at the moment and it was less than half the price of a modem/router.

  rewired 09:53 26 Jul 2004

Hils2, Just out of interest do you use a wireless keyboard and mouse? I have an ongoing problem in as much as I cannot get my switch to recognise my Logitech.

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