networking an XP deskto to Vista laptop

  richierich 11:42 07 Sep 2008

Desktop running XP pro and Laptop running Vista Home premium.
Desktop has two harddrives C: and F:
although both drives have sharing enables and show up in vista network , only the F: drive is accessable, I can view, open move files etc.
If I click on the C: drive from the laptop it tells me it is not accessable.(although I believe i had enabled sharing on the network.
any help please.

  BurrWalnut 13:12 07 Sep 2008

Has the little hand appeared on the icon of the shared drive?

It is not recommended that the system drive is shared but if you want to share it, go to My Computer > Right-click the drive to be shared > Sharing and Security > Click I understand the risks > Put a tick in Share this folder (drive) on the Network > Change the name (if you wish) > Tick Allow network users to change my files or leave it blank to give read access only > Apply, OK, etc. to finish.

If it doesn’t work you may have to turn off Simple File Sharing in Folder Options > View Tab > Advanced Settings at the end.

This probably doesn’t apply as you’re sharing with Vista at the moment but you may need to install the Link Layer Topology Discovery (LLTD) responder on the XP machine so that the computer shows up in Vista’s network map, get it here click here

  richierich 13:24 07 Sep 2008

Yes the hand is under all the drives. Have already shared and set permissions for everyone.
The vista laptop is not a problem as this seems to be easily accessed from the XP comp, but although the shared drives show up in vista when i click on it it doesnt allow access ( apert from the F drive)

  dawood 15:11 08 Sep 2008

Take a look on this simple file sharing click here and share file with user/group permission click here helps to see any mis-configuration.. Also you can test to disable and re-enable file sharing again.. Hope it helps..

  Marko797 18:22 08 Sep 2008

is the fact that I have XP Home the reason why I've been having probs with my XP to Vista networking?

Says XP Home can only do simple file sharing.

  ambra4 01:16 09 Sep 2008

How To Share Files Between Vista & XP

click here

click here

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