Networking WinXP Pro with WinXP Home

  zarobian 17:25 28 Jul 2005

I Can share Broadband Internet Connection between Destop Computer (WinXP Pro) and Laptop (WinXP Home) but unable to Network these together to share or transfer files.

I think Microsoft has delebrately not enabled the WinXP home for Networking.

Am I right or there is a way to overcome?

  zarobian 17:27 28 Jul 2005

I am using Wireless Connections.


  selfbuild 18:51 28 Jul 2005

Have you set any files to be shared?

What firewall are you using?

  Alf58 19:58 28 Jul 2005

Are you sure your wireless connections are functioning? If they are run Home and small office network wizard on both machines making sure printers and internet connections are all switched on. All you have to do is follow the on screen instructions it couldnt be simpler.

Why would Microsoft deliberately prevent Win Xp from home networking? Surely this would mean less people would buy their product which would be kind of stupid.

  Stuartli 20:53 28 Jul 2005

You can network different systems (with an XP system as the lead) with earlier editions of Windows, never mind XP Home.

Some help:

click here

click here

  zarobian 08:29 29 Jul 2005

As I wrote before, I can share the Internet without any problem. Have done all the tricks of the trade with it. Printer and file sharing has been enabled and have used the Network Wizard on both computers. Created a floppy on Server and installed it on the client.
Have also enabled sharing the Drives!!!

My two desktops which have WinXP pro working properly. The Dell new laptop(HOME) is reluctant to share files and folders. Have disabled Firewall on the laptop. No joy!!

Keeping your suggestions in view I shall try to Network it from the scrach.

Thanks Guys for your response.


  Newuser4165 10:16 29 Jul 2005

I am having a similar problem networking 2 pcs both running XP Home which I can't fix.
I can't copy files from 1 pc to the other ie pc1 tp pc 2 but I can do the reverse ie copy files from pc2 to pc1
Is this what you are getting?

Have a look at this link which refers to my problem:-
click here;en-us;328170

  Newuser4165 10:19 29 Jul 2005

Sorry the link won't work.The article ID is 328170 on the Microsoft site.
The workarounds don't work!

  Stuartli 10:26 29 Jul 2005

Install TinyYRL...:-)

click here

  Alf58 21:08 04 Aug 2005

Have you disabled firewalls for example Norton?

  geewis357 08:01 10 Aug 2005

Hi guys, I went to all this problem last year when I got a laptop with XP Pro I could connect to the Internet through a desktop running XP Home but could not file shere. There is only one sure way to do it and that is to make both PCs run XP Pro, that will solve all the probs

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