Networking Windows XP Professional

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Can anybody tell me how i can network Windiows XP Pro, and use ntuser.dat to lock down desktops etc....

Is there a website that actually shows how to network XP and use the NTUSER.DAT. Like with Win 98 you use and User.dat.



  spikeychris 10:15 01 Dec 2003

Use GPO to network XP. When a new user logs into windows xp they get their ntuser.dat from c:\documents and settings\administrator.

Create a Organizational Unit (OU) for each group of people/devices that will have the same "restrictions" and apply a GPO to them accordingly. You could create OUs inside a "bigger" OU to facilitate changing the GPOs. Type GPEDIT.MSC into run.

click here for a guide.....

Hello Mate,

I would like a roaming profile though mate.

How do u do that ?


  spikeychris 11:09 01 Dec 2003

Roaming profiles are a doddle in XP. Just change the type of profile, click Change Type, click Roaming profile, and then click OK.

click here


but mate it is greyed out

  spikeychris 11:32 01 Dec 2003

Yeah it will be. Are you using workgroup or domain?

  spikeychris 11:44 01 Dec 2003

A domain is a collection of computers on a network that share a common user database and security policy. A domain is administered as a unit with common rules and procedures by the domain administrator.

A workgroup is a group of computers connected to each other over a network and sharing computer files, printers, and other resources.

click here for an excellent workgroup roaming profile site.

im connecting to a domain

how do you get rid of the run command. And things like the search button on the start Menu. Is it different if you are runnuing Windows NT Service Pack 6 Server and the workstations are Windows XP PRO. Hope you can help


  spikeychris 12:20 01 Dec 2003

The user profiles path for your users on Active Directory Users and
Computers will have to point to a valid \\Server\Share\path location and your
users must have FULL CONTROL permissions on both Share and NTFS.

You will need to create and share a folder that other users
have access to. Copy the profiles required to this folder.

You then type in the location of the created Profiles Directory.


The greyed out roaming profile box in will remain greyed out until after
the user has logged in for the first time.

mate you know the shared folder what needs to be in there, what files etc.. ANd how do you lock down the desktop, like on Windows 98 you can use POLEDIT and different things.


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