Networking Windows 98: How To

  Flopper 21:42 25 Feb 2006

I have built a low spec Windows 98 PC simply to use as a print server to test older printers (and other hardware) whose drivers are not found for XP which is on my main PC. I want to network it and share the printer so I can print to it from my XP PC, via my Router.
I have installed a network card, a Netgear FA311, but when I try to browse the network via Network Neighbourhood from the Windows 98 PC I get a message 'Unable To Browse The Network'. When I go to the network properties on the 98 PC I get a window saying 'Your Network Is Not Complete. Do You Want To Continue?'
In the Network properties window I have the network adaptor, NetBUI (the properties show File And Printer Sharing For Microsoft Networks), TCP/IP (set to find an IP address automatically) and File And Printer Sharing For Microsoft Networks.
Primary Network Logon is set to Windows Logon.
The Windows 98 can access the Internet.
What am I doing wrong?

  Flopper 22:37 25 Feb 2006

Thanks. I had sussed that one and I have since networked the 98 PC. I had also to tick the box which said something about logging on to the NT network, even though NT is not involved. I set up a password protected log-in using the workgroup name as the domain, as all 4 PCs in the house are in this workgroup.
I may have got this totally wrong but it works.
If I need to fine tune anything I would welcome any feedback.

  Flopper 12:51 26 Feb 2006


I used that one last night.

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