Networking Win98SE and XPHome

  Brian-336451 20:02 11 May 2003

Don't worry, the hard work is done.

I can access the internet from either computer.

Both computers 'see' each other.

The XP machine can access my laptop (the Win98SE machine).

BUT, when I use the laptop and click on the XP machine's icon the message is:

\\Desktop is not accessible
No permission to access resource

The bit I can't work out is, how do I grant permission? All relevant drives are selected to SHARE and accessible to all users of my MSHOME network. Norton Internet Security is loaded on both machines but inhibited manually by me.

The help file in XP talks about Incoming Connections which DO NOT APPEAR when I click on START/CONTROL PANEL/NETWORK connections so I am stymied.

Can anyone help?

  soy 21:14 11 May 2003

If you right-click a folder, you can share it by going into 'Sharing and Security...'.

Maybe you didn't configure the firewall properly?
How did you configure Norton firewall?

I've always found it difficult to do it manually. I usually reinstall the firewall and use the network configuration wizard that you get when you first run norton.

I'm sure you can get this wizard somehow, but I don't know.

  Brian-336451 21:37 11 May 2003

I've looked at Internet Security and set the IP addresses manually. Still no go with the above messages.

Thanks for the thought

  vinnyo123 05:13 14 May 2003

is xp's built in firewall disabled?

  Lozzy 06:23 14 May 2003

On the Laptop have you given the XP machine shared access? I know you have done it one way but you also ned to do it in reverse. The msg your getting is being thrown up by the XP machine.

  Brian-336451 08:40 14 May 2003

Thanks guys, I'll try that, I had forgotten about the 'inbuilt' firewall. Yes it is turned on, I'll have another go at that.

Trouble is my missus wants the kitchen tiled, so there maybe a delay.

At the end of the day, I want a successful network owned by a married man . . . .

Ho hum

  Brian-336451 13:10 14 May 2003

The Networking Wizard fellow had disabled the Firewall between the two networking adapters, so besides my incompetence, it'd already done it.

It is SO frustrating, I've been on the net just about everywhere but still cannot find a definitive answer to allow my XP machine to be accessed from the Win98 Laptop.

There is no firewall on the laptop and the XP machine has the laptop's IP address as Trusted.

Seems to be immaterial if Norton Internet Security is on or off as I get the same error as reported above.

  vinnyo123 15:48 14 May 2003

just curious you say they see each other but xp can only used shared resources--can you ping successfully from both. Try start-search-for computer on laptop.(sometimes win 98 and ME are slow at finding network resource).

Also have you touched any other cofig.. in xp lately that you might have over looked (etc.. NTFS quota>>>IPSec)????? keep at youl'll get it ! good luck

  Brian-336451 17:36 14 May 2003

Yeah, they both ping both ways and the results are what the Troubleshooter said they should be.

I'm not aware that I've tweaked anything else. I've even removed each network card in Device Manager and let the Networking Wizard initialise each card - the way IT wants to rather than me.

Both computers are FAT32. XP has NIS 2003 and Win98SE only has Norton Systemworks 2002.

I am at a total loss as to what to try next. My work have just told me that I am off the USA on Friday, I'll be taking the laptop because the hotel has broadband.

I won't be able to try anything out however due to the long lead required to get to the XP machine (about 4000 miles!).

Thanks for the help. I think I might need a wig before too much longer! :)

  Brian-336451 04:07 01 Jun 2003

I had to do a clean install of XP on my desktop computer having formatted my C drive because of another problem.

After installing XP, I ran the Networking Wizard and would you believe it - it all worked as advertised.

My Win98SE laptop and the XP desktop converse quite happily together and all in the garden is rosy.

There must have been conflicting files somewhere, oh by the way, I installed Norton Internet Security AFTER I got the network working - perhaps there's something there.

Anyway, a big thanks to those of you who helped.

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