Networking: Win98 PC 'hangs' ...

  Tj_El 13:16 29 Jul 2003


I have a PC running Win98SE which is networked with another running XP Home Ed.

Each time I try to use 98 to navigate the directories on the XP PC and/or I attempt to run programs / play music files located on the XP PC, the 98 PC hangs.

What would be causing this?

98 PC specs: Intel 233, 96MB RAM

XP PC Specs: AMD Athlon XP 1700+, 512MB RAM.



  sil_ver 14:16 29 Jul 2003

Has XP been installed using NTFS? If so Win98 won't be able to see it.

  Tj_El 14:30 29 Jul 2003

both PC's using FAT32....

  Tj_El 15:13 29 Jul 2003


  Chegs ® 15:18 29 Jul 2003

I once had a hassle with 98se "hanging" whilst using the NIC's,I updated/replaced the NIC (on the 98se puter)driver,and all my hassles departed(it also kept "forgetting" it had an NIC installed)Not sure if it would help you,but nothing ventured,nothing gained.

  Chegs ® 15:19 29 Jul 2003

Also,try altering the IP addresses,as it might just be that.

  Tj_El 15:24 29 Jul 2003

Chegs ®:

I have changed the IP addresses so many times I am beginning to forget which address belongs to which NIC..! :-)

I will see if there's an update for the NIC.

Unfortunately I have so far been unable to active ICS as it appears BTOpenworld do not allow it if you're on their Plug'n'Go 500 service so I'll have to download to floppy... what a long-winded way of doing things... :-(

Will post back with results.



  Tj_El 15:55 29 Jul 2003

???...!!! is it just me or is there a problem with these download sites on the Realtek site?

click here(505).zip

click here(505).zip

click here(505).zip

I keep ending up at the 'Cannot find server' page ... >:-|

  Tj_El 15:58 29 Jul 2003

?? strange! Alright, you'll need to copy and add the '(505).zip' part to each of the 'click here' above.... (wonder why it split it out...)

  Tj_El 23:44 29 Jul 2003

That done I have a question: when you enable sharing on on directory do you automatically grant access to all sub level directories?

I have a feeling the answers 'yes' but i just want to check.


  Jean-Luc Picard 01:33 30 Jul 2003

Try upgrading your network cable to CAT5e if you have not already done so as this can sometimes improve connectivity.

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