networking with win98 host & winxp client

  Chris_c 18:30 21 Mar 2004

I've been having problems trying to get a network connection between 2 computers.
The win98 computer is the host and has the connection to the internet, the xp one is the client.
I have set up each one as it sould be using several different guides which all say the sme thing, but I can't get the host to see any other computer than itself, and the xp computer can only occasionally see the host, and isn't able to connect to it even when it can.
I'd quite like to be able to get the xp computer to connect to the internet through the 98 one.
I've looked everywhere for a reason\fix that doesn't involve buying more programs or upgrading to xp, but if there is one, i can't find it!
Can anyone please help?
I'm not sure what more details to give; ask and I'll tell!

  Smiler 18:36 21 Mar 2004

How are the computers connected?

  JerryJay 19:09 21 Mar 2004

Maybe better luck if you swap two machines. XP host and 98 client.

  Smiler 19:11 21 Mar 2004

I have a 98 host and xp client sharing internet, printer and files Is this site any use to you click here

  Chris_c 20:00 21 Mar 2004

The computers are connected with a crossover cable connected between the network cards. I would swap them over, except the one running xp is a laptop and i need to be able to take it places, and it might be quite hard hauling a PC around with me!

  JerryJay 20:46 21 Mar 2004

I think Internet Connection Sharing only work on Win98SE, not Win98. If you need some instruction, try homenethelp click here

  johnem 21:45 21 Mar 2004

Chris, presumably your laptop has an inbuilt modem, in which case it should be possible to set up the laptop as the host with the desktop as the guest. This would achieve the desired results. If you set up the desktop to connect to the internet via the network, if available, and left the modem connected, then the desktop would only dial up, if the network was not present. If that makes any sense.You will have to make sure that the built in firewall in XP is disabled. It might be prudent to use Zonealarm instead.

  Chris_c 01:36 22 Mar 2004

Smiler - I did everything that the site you suggested said, but still no luck!     
Johnem - I would do what you suggested, but I have a broadband modem attached to the desktop, so can't have the laptop connecting directly to the internet. I run ZoneAlarm on the desktop - could it be blocking the network? I dont really know very much about networks!   Thanks for the suggestions so far though - i'll keep trying things out!

  JerryJay 09:22 22 Mar 2004

From my experience, you need to quit Zonealarm before you set up network. Once set up, you can run Zonealarm set the local net as trusted net. Zonealarm does not for me, only Zonelarm Pro works.

The best way to share broadband is to use a router, this way you just connect computer to router and you do not need to switch on both computer at the same time. A 4 port router with build-in ADSL modem only costs £35 click here. I am using one myself, very good and also with limited firewall function.

  Smiler 10:30 22 Mar 2004

Zone alarm could be the problem. just looked at mine and in the firewall tab it shows IC Share adapter and my pci card adapter in the zones section. So you may have to configure zone labs to accept these.

  Chris_c 19:35 23 Mar 2004

I have managed to get both computers to see and use the network now! I'm not sure what did it, but it might have been enabling netBios on the laptop, or making zonealarm allow the network connections. or something. The only problem now is that as soon as the desktop gets into windows, it just switches itself off. And if i boot it up in safe mode, i get a blue screen that never goes away. hmm. I don't think this is connected to the networking problem in this thread, so ill make this one resolved and start a new thread about my new problem. Maybe it's time for a new computer...

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