Networking Win7/Vista/XP

  Marko797 17:54 21 Sep 2010

This might be a bit complex, but bear with me please.

I have 3 machines: Win7 professional 64 bit desktop, vista laptop, xp (sp3) laptop, all connected to the internet wirelessly, via router.

The 2 laptops are connected wirelessly, and so is the desktop, via wirless adapter.

Vista laptop, and XP laptop are in the same workgroup - MSHOME.

The Win7 has not gone through the set-up process to enable it to access any other machine, so I find it very strange that it actually can, and more so, that it can be accessed by the Vista laptop.

The win7 desktop can see and access both vista and xp laptops via their respective shared folders.

The vista laptop can access both win7 'public' folders' and also the xp laptop. I've placed pictures in the win7 'public' folder and the vista machine was able to access them without problem, and without the need for a password. Infact, passwords have not been set at all.

The xp laptop can access only the vista laptop.

Can anyone advise what I need to do to enable the xp laptop to access the win7 desktop?

All 3 are able to print to the *network* printer (has its own network card - OKI810C), so no problems there.

I'm actually confused because I thought win7 to other OS was not possible at all, so can anyone shed some light on what might actually be happening?

Thanks, and apologies for the lengthy post.

  Strawballs 19:04 21 Sep 2010

you will need to go to the network and sharing centre on the win 7 machine and turn off the password protection that 7 defaults to as this will only work with other win 7 machines

  Strawballs 19:06 21 Sep 2010

I have a network with win7 desktop xp desktop, xp netbook and vista home basic laptop all accessing each other no problem

  Marko797 15:14 22 Sep 2010

thnx for the info. Tried your suggestion but it didn't work for me, which could be down to a number of things I suspect.

Did you put all your machines into Workgroup, or MSHome, i.e your existing xp or vista network, then add the win7 machine via the networking wizard?

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