Networking, Where are other workgroup PC's?

  Mysticnas 09:29 23 May 2003


i setup a home network with XP pro, mainly to share an internet connection, with my pc being the host.

Why is it that i can't view other computers on the network. I go to network places and click on "View Workgroup Computers" and it hangs for a minute and then comes up with a message box saying that i can't view work group computer becuase they are not accessible and i do not have administartor rights or summat. etc...

But i am the Admin, and i'm logged on as admin as there are no other acounts setup on my PC. so whats going on?

I'd provide more info but i don't know what you need to know, so if you let me know what you need to know, then i'll know what you need to know and i'll let you know! :o)

Any ideas?


  Pc.2 09:38 23 May 2003

Do you have things like Zonealarm running in the background?? Was the 2nd. PC already switched on when you installed networking?? Is the 2nd. PC's ISP address higher or lower than the main PC??
Are you using a Router??

Zonealarm - Go to Trusted & Internet & Allow/Trust BOTH pc1 & pc2.

Router - Has to be set up to allow both PC's. This usually involves typing in
click here - then you have to allocate a fixed isp address for each of the computers.

  Mysticnas 10:13 23 May 2003

All PC's are on. we all use Norton Firewall 2003.

ok i've just gone into pith PC's set the pc's on trusted list.

will restart and see what happens.

  keith-236785 10:34 23 May 2003

Have you run the Network wizard on both your computers, is Windows Firewall turned on?, and most importantly have you set Sharing up on the computers.

  Mysticnas 10:50 23 May 2003

i had done all the things that i had to do

Pc.2 thanks, i went into firewall on both PC's and set the trusted list.

I think i can take it from here now, i can see all shared docs on the networks from all pc's, but the guest pc's linked to me (the host) cannot see my shared folder unless they enter a password, and then it hangs.

i'll have a tinker with all the settings. I'm sure i can find the problem now,



  Mysticnas 11:25 23 May 2003

i don't seem to be able to find out why when other computers or even me in that fact, can't seem to open my sharedocs in the network places folder.

I mean, when i open network places, i see a list of sharedocs from the PC's on the network, including my own.

When ever i try to open my sharedocs from my own pc from this folder, or when someone else tries to open it from their pc, our pc's hang on that window. And when we close that particular window we have to end it, and then the start menu and task bar dissapear!

whats going on?

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