Networking two pcs

  Allan-263226 11:18 19 Jan 2004

Good Day all,

I hope someone can give me a tep by step foolproofed, idiots guide to networking to PCs together!

Below are the specs of the 2 systems I wish to network and share inet connection....

Main PC - Win XP Home, 512 PC3200 DDR, XP2600+, Leadtek K7NCR18D-Pro mobo. This PC has onboard LAN and I have added another NIC card to this machine.

2nd PC - Win 98se, 64mb mem, Celeron 400mhz, I have added a NIC card to this PC also.

I will be using a 4 port hub for this NOT a router as January is a tough month for spends.

All help will be greatly appreciated.

  johnnyrocker 11:26 19 Jan 2004

click here covers just about everything guv.


  spikeychris 11:36 19 Jan 2004

You don't need the hub but you can use it if you want.

If you are going to use it then you need a Cat5 cable to connect the two machines via the NIC's. If you don't use the hub you will need a X over cable to connect again to the NIC's in each machine.

Get yourself a floppy disk and insert it in the XP machine, go to control panel and double click the network connections icon, click set up a small network and follow the prompts...

Use the floppy disk for the 98 machine...

You will be allocated a static IP for each machine and your subnet mask will be automatically sorted for you.

Assuming you are going to use the on-board LAN for a broadband connection just plug in your network lead (RJ45) into the LAN point.

Post back with any problems with the network wizard and we can do it manually...

  Allan-263226 17:07 19 Jan 2004

I use the onboard lan for broadband so the spare nic for home network

I don't have floppy drive so can we go through this manually?

  spikeychris 19:38 19 Jan 2004

Sorry for late reply mad_allan, I've had a couple of networking probs myself.

Have you got a flash drive to play with or a CD writer

There's no need to make the floppy disk. Tell the Wizard not to do

The Wizard is in file C:\Windows\System32\Netsetup.exe. You can copy
this file to a flash-drive or CD and run it on the other computer.

You can also run the Wizard from the Windows XP CD-ROM.

Theres a good page on this

XP ICS - Starting the Network Setup Wizard
click here

  Allan-263226 19:48 19 Jan 2004

Hi Chris

I am still a bit confused, ok greatly!!!

I have the Onboard LAN that connects to the Set Top Box for my inet connection. This works ok as you can see!

The older PC has no floppy or CD Drive i'm afraid!

If I connect the hub up, which cables need to be connected where?

As you can tell i'm a complete novice!!!!

  spikeychris 20:52 19 Jan 2004

If your adamant on using the hub you will need two patch cables, one from the 98 machine to the hub and one from the XP machine to the hub. You will leave the network cable from your digi box to the LAN on the XP machine.

If you get a CAT X over cable all you need to do is connect the two machines together (NIC 2 NIC)

click here for a guide on how to manually set up the network.

  Allan-263226 21:02 19 Jan 2004

I do have a crossover adaptor, would this be any use?

  howard60 21:10 19 Jan 2004

yes the crossover adaptor will do - set both c drives to sharing - copy a file any old thing into shared documents on each pc. I always find that if I run the internet connection wizard on the main pc and get that running ok then put in the xover cable and set the ip address manually. 192 168 0 1 subnet mask 255 255 255 0 on the main pc and then on the second 192 168 0 2 same subnet mask and then use gateway and dns 192 168 0 1 and all should be well. I do not run the network wizard on either machine so no floppy drive not a problem.

  spikeychris 21:10 19 Jan 2004

Never used one, does it convert both ends??

  Allan-263226 22:04 19 Jan 2004

Cheers Guys,

I used the HUB and the settings that howard60 gave me and hey presto, connected to the other PC and all my files are now safely backed up.

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