Networking two computors to broadband

  twin 17:32 17 Jan 2003
  twin 17:32 17 Jan 2003

Can some one help i want to network my broadband with an other pc one down stairs one up. i know how to do it with a 56k modem. is it the same or do i need to do somthing else with broadband.


  jazzypop 17:43 17 Jan 2003

It's basically the same. You have the option of using a router, which means that either PC can connect at any time, regardless of whether the PC with the BB connection is switched on or not. You basically plug the BB connection to the router, then connect the router to each PC.

You also have the option of using wireless, which will be convenient if the PCs are on different floors.

If you just go the ICS route, run the Network Wizard on the PC connected to BB, make the floppy at the end of the Wizard, and run that floppy on the second PC.

Make sure that all firewalls are uninstalled before networking - reinstall them once you know everything is OK.

There are plenty of sites available that will give you detailed information - which OS are you running, and are you planning on using ADSL or cable?

  twin 17:57 17 Jan 2003

Thanks for your help. I only want to connect 2 computors. One has xp home the other windows me
I have telewest cable broadband on windows xp.
Will just two 10/100 lan cards do with a crossover


  jazzypop 18:17 17 Jan 2003


I would recommend 3 cards, though - one to connect to the BB connection, one to connect to the second PC, and a third in the second PC to connect to the first. I realise that you can connect the BB via USB, but my experience is that you will get better speeds with Ethernet than USB.

Try click here , click here and click here for more detailed advice

  twin 18:42 17 Jan 2003

Thanks for your help.

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