networking troubles. Any advise?

  Amine 09:55 13 Jun 2004

Hi guys
I have 2 pcs connected on the network & sharing a bt broadband connection. It worked fine for nearly one year until 2 days ago: "on the client pc I can not access the internet anymore (just like that), Internt Explorer comes up with page not found" the host is fine, I can access the internet.
the thing is on the network connection statu "ICON", I can see both of them sending and recieving bytes. I can even transfer files between the two pcs. broadband connection properties is checked & all set to allow sharing. I am using LAN, port switch, cables cat5.
Internet protocol:
IP address:192 168 1 1
subnet Mask 255 255 255 0

CLIENT "where the problem is"
IP address:192 168 1 2
subnet Mask 255 255 255 0
default gateway 192 168 1 1
prefered DNS server 213 1 119 100
alternate DNS server 213 1 119 99

Also the host OS = XP home
Client OS = XP pro

the odd thing the night before the problem started, it was working fine. the next morning problem occured.
i even reinstal every thing on both pcs (can you imagine how frustrating it was)
very odd.
i would really appreciate your help guys.
many thanks

  johnnyrocker 10:22 13 Jun 2004
  Amine 13:00 13 Jun 2004

after a long search and I was giving up and waiting desperatly for an answer my wife stepped in this site click here and found the answer.
answer simplified: What happen, in that night before my problem appeared, I think BT changed or upgraded (not really sure) so the DNS i was using was not valid anymore. to find out your dns number open a command prompt window (Accessories--->command prompt)then type in ipconfig/all. you will get list of IPs and check under your internet provider the dns number (for example mine is PPP adapter BT Openworld Broadband:) DNS Servers
Then enter both series of number in the client PC

it was so frustrating. Hope this will help others. thanks to the link that my wife found on pc advisor forum. and thanks to my wife patience

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