networking trouble

  karl1483 19:13 03 Oct 2005

i am trying to network my desktop pc which is running win xp home edition with a sony laptop that is running win 98se.i think i have configured the laptop ok and have enabled shared folders etc, but my desktop is having none of it,i am getting limited conectivity and windows wont repair the connection.i am unable to share any folders on my desk top,has anyone any ideas what i am doing anticipation karl

  Strawballs 19:20 03 Oct 2005

run the network wizard on the xp machine (control panel) then make the floppy or cd when it asks you nd run it in the 98se machine to configure it.

  keith-236785 19:22 03 Oct 2005

how are you trying to connect them, is it a network cable, or a usb lead?

if its the network cable, it would need to be a crossover cable, not a straight patch cable (common mistake)

once you have the right cable, run the setup new network wizard on the desktop (winxp), once complete it will ask what to do next, choose create a floppy disk and run that floppy on the laptop.

im not too sure if there is something you need to install from the windows cd, i have heard that XP home is not automatically setup for networking, maybe someone could expand on that (i run XP pro so its all there for me)

  keith-236785 19:27 03 Oct 2005

another thought is the winxp firewall settings on the desktop pc, or if you have a third party one, your firewall (eg. zone alarm/norton)

  karl1483 19:35 03 Oct 2005

thanks for your advice i am unable to create a setup disk for the laptop running 98se as there is now fdd and the external disk drive is not regonised by the laptop any other clues

  Strawballs 19:52 03 Oct 2005

does it not also give you the option to create cd

  Strawballs 19:54 03 Oct 2005

Paperman 27 my laptop runs xp home and all I had to do was run the wizard with no need for cd

  howard63 19:55 03 Oct 2005

when xp home is involved with networking you must have the guest account turned on.

  karl1483 20:03 03 Oct 2005

yes it does give you and option to create a cd but i am unable to get my external cdrom drive to work as my laptop doesnt see it for some reason it wants me to update the drivers which i cant do.i now have full connectivity i think my i am unable to acces my shared folder on my desktop it says access denied. all i want to do is connect my laptop to the internet to update everything boo ho waht a nightmare

  mgmcc 20:11 03 Oct 2005

If you are not using Internet Connection Sharing in a "Host" PC, or connecting with a router, the network adapters will need to be given fixed IP addresses. The "Limited or No Connectivity" message indicates that a network adapter is set to get its address automatically, but has been unable to find a DHCP server from which to get it. Windows will have allocated an address in the range by default and the computers will be unable to connect.

If you are NOT trying to share an internet connection, but only networking to share Files and/or Printers, give the PCs the fixed IP addresses and with the SAME subnet mask of

If you ARE wanting to use "Internet Connection Sharing", right click the actual internet connection in the Network Connections folder, select Properties, then the Advanced tab. Tick the box "Allow other network users...etc". This will automatically configure the Local Area Connection with the IP address, subnet The "Client" PC's TCP/IP settings should be set to get the IP address automatically, which it does by DHCP from the Host PC.

  polymath 20:40 03 Oct 2005

If it's still not solved, have you tried the Networking forum here?

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