Networking three computers

  MANDYJIM 19:21 22 Aug 2007

I have two computers a Dell dimension c521 and an Amd xp2400 networked via a cross over cable to ethernet pci cards, my operating system is xp, the Dell is home and Amd is pro, my isp is Orange and I have an Orange speed touch modem. Everything works perfectly sharing the internet, printer and file sharing however I now want to add a third pc an Amd xp2200 to the home network. A colleague had a spare belkin fd5230-4 wired router which I thought would be perfect but on inspection I observed the speed touch modem doesn’t have a Ethernet port so I believe that option is a non starter. I didn’t really want to go down the wireless route because both Amd’s are getting on for five years old now. I was wondering if I could add further Ethernet pci cards and another cross over cable and connect the 2200 to either one of the existing network computers. I am hoping someone has got some suggestions to help me please......Jim

  howard64 19:30 22 Aug 2007

I do not think you can do this - the crossover cable system only works for 2 pcs. If you fit another pci network card and feed the router from this you should then be able to network all of them.

  MANDYJIM 20:02 22 Aug 2007

I am not sure what you mean in the last part of your reply Howard could you elaborate please...Jim

  laurieballard 20:07 22 Aug 2007

you could use an ethernet hub to network the three PC's. The main PC with the modem attached will have to have a static IP address and the other two will have one assigned by DHCP. If the internet is already shared, you should just need to plug the hub in. However crossover cables will not wotk and you will need Cat patch cables. Another option would be an ADSL Modem/Router.

Hope that helps

  MANDYJIM 20:30 22 Aug 2007

Thank you for your suggestions laurieballard, I have been googling your components and it has made me realise my lack of knowledge on networking other than the standard cross over operation. I have put ethernet hub in on e buyer and there is a vast range and prices, am I right in thinking this is the piece of kit you are suggesting? and if so could you elaborate on a little more basic instructions on how I would connect each pc. The Dell at the moment is the gateway pc for the internet and printer and i envisage the two Amd's the slaves, thank you ....Jim

  laurieballard 20:59 22 Aug 2007

This should work

click here

  MANDYJIM 21:14 22 Aug 2007

Laurie your link wont open for me,
am I right in understanding I -
1. Purchase click here
2. Leave Dell connected to speed touch via usb cable, also connected to printer
3. Plug in Netgear in any household three pin socket, run a network patch cable from Dell to Netgear.
4. Run a network patch cable from 2400 to Netgear.
5. Run a network patch cable from 2200 to Netgear. Then all three pc's can use internet, printer and file sharing through the gateway Dell. I have thought it all out and I think that is what you are suggesting or have I got wrong end of stick?...........Jim

  howard64 21:16 22 Aug 2007

sorry for delay - been watching tv - your pc is equipped with a network card either built into the mobo or a pci add in [which you have the crossover cable plugged into]. Then use a standard network patch cable to connect the router to your main pc and therefore the internet. Your other pcs which must also have a network card - the original must already have one for your crossover cable - then get connected to the router by standard patch cables and all should work ok. The crossover cable has to be discarded.

  woodchip 21:19 22 Aug 2007

Well I Network a 98se Desktop a XP desktop and a XP Laptop. only the 98se comp is connected by ethernet. Others are Wireless By USB and a PCMCIA card all are 3Com

  laurieballard 21:20 22 Aug 2007

Sorry link should work now.

You are pretty much sport on except for the ebay product. you will need the one below.

click here

They call it a switch which does the same job as a hub. They are better actually.


  woodchip 21:20 22 Aug 2007

Laptop as a very good range

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