networking and shared files

  IMAGEDKTR1 22:17 29 Apr 2003

hope someone can help here
i have set up two pcs both running win 2k pro they are joined with a crossover cable and i am having trouble getting either of them to see anything other than the shared printer folder and the task scheduler folder how do i get them to see the c drive of each other? they both have the c drive set as shared i.e c$ but they can only see what i have set out above
any help hints advice would be appreciated

  mrdsgs 22:28 29 Apr 2003

c$ is not a real share it is part of the network structure for administrative purposes.

You need to actually "share" a drive or folder.

In My Computer, right click either a drive or a folder and click on share ...

it should be obvious from there.

When you open My computer or Explorer after this you should see a "hand" under every folder or drive you have shared.

I would suggest sharing the entire c: drive at first all folders and files within it will then be visible.

The same applies with printers. go into printers and select share... etc.

You need to share folders or drives on both computers. It should be straightforward.

  IMAGEDKTR1 23:10 29 Apr 2003

i would love to say this was the case
but i open my computor right click on c drive and all i see under sharing is the default setting of c$ and i cant find antway of changing it
i understand what you are saying about the hand under the diff folders to share and under my comps if i do same on drive g (ok i got a lot of drives) it does come up on the pc with a hand under it but other pc cant see it

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