Networking set up problem

  Octoz 16:40 06 Nov 2005

Have just installed a D-link 524 dsl router on my system:
NTL cable modem - dsl router- hard wire - desk top. Laptop with wireless adaptor card.

both running xp pro but sp1 on laptop.

I can neither view files or connect to the internet on the laptop (Sony Vaio that has never been connected to the internet) the network indicator shows an excellent signal and one of the screens seems to indicate that limitedactivity is taking place. Have run network wizard but cannot work this out.

Help please

  PaulB2005 17:31 06 Nov 2005

Has the router got encryption on?

Is the laptop picking up your network and not a neighbours?

What happens when you run the network wizard?

  Octoz 17:39 06 Nov 2005

Hi PaulB2005
Thanks for the response. Have switched encryption off.

Laptop is connecting to default network which is mine.

Which network wizard?

  PaulB2005 17:45 06 Nov 2005

You said "Have run network wizard but cannot work this out."

What does / doesn't happen?

  Strawballs 19:22 06 Nov 2005

I found when I did my wireless network it was easier to run the network wizard and configure the network cards and encryption using the software that came with my wireless card that I fitted to my sons pc.

  mgmcc 19:26 06 Nov 2005

<<< I can neither view files or connect to the internet on the laptop >>>

Has the Wireless Adapter got its IP address from the Wireless Router?

Have you run the Site Monitor in the WiFi adapter's software to search for available networks, found the SSID for your network (as set up in the router) and "connected" to that network?

As regards file sharing, have you configured any firewall software to allow access to the networked computers in its "truted" area?

  Octoz 22:16 06 Nov 2005

Thanks to everyone for trying to help.
Ran network wizard and realised that I hadn't entered names correctly.
Thanks for the advice.
I can now see both computers from either desktop or laptop but still cannot connect laptop to interner. Will try using router IP address.

  Octoz 22:21 06 Nov 2005


Thanks, hadn't got ip address entered correctly. Now all working fine.

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