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  nemesis010 01:01 24 Jan 2003
  nemesis010 01:01 24 Jan 2003

Hi all

I currently have a broadband connection using an asus single port broadband router on my PC.

The thing is I want to create a network so i can (amongst other things) share this connection with my laptop. What would be the best way?

I was thinking of getting a hub and networking it through this way. I guess the main purpose is that I want to be able to play online games on both at the same time. Is this possible?

Any help is much appreciated

  Lozzy 01:11 24 Jan 2003

All you need is a network card on the laptop and PC plus a RJ45 Xover cable.. Then follow the network wizard.. Called peer to peer network.. You only need a hub/router if you wish to have more than 2 PC's/Laptops on the network..

  nemesis010 01:21 24 Jan 2003

Cheers Lozzy

I was aware of this option and was indeed using this method before i got broadband. Couldn't continue this because the router took up the network card on my PC.

Also I do believe with this method, both laptop and pc will have ot be switched on if i were to share this internet connection right??

That's why I wish to opt for the hub method. Just out of curiosity, if I purchased another network card for my pc can I still connect using xover cable?

  jazzypop 03:07 24 Jan 2003

You have two basic options - Internet Connection Sharing (ICS), which means that you connect your BB to a PC, which then acts as a gateway to the web for another PC. As it is acting as the gateway, the first PC must be switched on for the other PC to connect to the web.

The other option is to connect the BB to a router, and connect multiple PCs to it. As the router is a powered device, that is the only device that needs to be left on - it doesn't matter which PCs are on or off, any PC that is switched on will connect to the web.

Using a hub is just a variation on ICS, that allows you to connect more than one PC to the hub, and from there through the gateway PC to the Web - but the gateway PC must be switched on for the others to gain access.

Note that in order to act as a gateway, the PC needs two network cards - one for the BB, one to connect to the second PC.

If you only want to connect one extra PC, as well as the gateway PC, there is no advantage to using a hub. It becomes useful if you want to connect more than 1 PC to access the web via the gateway PC.

To connect two PCs directly, use a crossover cable. To connect a PC to a router or hub, use a straight-through cable.

See click here or click here for ICS setup details.

See click here for using a hub or router

  cazzauk1 13:37 27 Jan 2003

I have had NTL Broadband (600k) for just over a week, I am running winows 98second edition on my pc and would like to connect the broadband with my daughters computer who is running windows xp. Now what i would like to know is what do i need to purchase to accomplish this task? can anyone advise me

  jazzypop 13:43 27 Jan 2003

It is generally better (for you) to start a new thread for your question, rather than 'attaching' to someone else's.

click here for a good source of information, that covers all the options.

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