networking probs and sharing a printer

  simonsup 23:06 08 Aug 2009

hi, here is the prob, 2 pcs one vista home and one
xp pro plus a vista laptop.
I can only get the to vista machines working on my lan not the xp one and im trying ot print from the xp one over the lan.
i run the network setup wizard on the xp one ok
but how do i do this on the vista machines?
i cant seem to get all 3 gelling nicely.
the vista ones seem ok, is it because its xp not compatible with vista?

  woodchip 23:36 08 Aug 2009

To us on the Computers as a Whole, Did you have all Hardware Turned on that you want to share when you ran the XP Wizard? Also did you create a Disc or put the files on a USB key to use in other Computer? You use the disc at the same time you run the Wizard by opening it on other Computers and Double click the one file on the disc. After that you setup what you want to share by right clicking Folders Printers should be auto setup if they was switched on

  simonsup 23:46 08 Aug 2009

thanks for replying, no i did not create a disk in xp, if i do will it run on thw vista machines, if so that is hopefully
will resolve this, i give it a try
and post back

  simonsup 00:31 09 Aug 2009

hi woodchip i made network setup disk to a flash drive and ran it on the 2 vista machines and it
worked, all on network and now i can print over the lan now as well.
Thanks :)

  woodchip 15:32 09 Aug 2009


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