Networking problems with wireless home network

  George Holmer 00:29 12 Oct 2011

I have Virgin Media with a superhub router (Netgear I believe). The issue I have is that I have two laptops joined to the network. Both can access the internet but they cannot see each other. When I run ipconfig, the router has ip and my Acer laptop and the Dell laptop

The Acer runs Windows 7 Home Premium 64bit and the Dell Windows 7 Professional 64bit. The workgroup is set to the same on both.

Now, I am pretty sure that the issue is that although both computers display the SSID as xxxx xxxx (i.e. the same SSID), the Acer says it is on xxxx xxxx 2 whereas the Dell only says it is on xxxx xxxx. This when I place the cursor over the little display of bars on the taskbar as well as in Network and Sharing Centre.

1) could this be the reason I cannot ping the other computer and 2) how do I solve this?

  mgmcc 07:50 12 Oct 2011

"When I run ipconfig, the router has ip and my Acer laptop and the Dell laptop"

Did you mean that one of the Laptops has the address because every device in the network must have a unique IP address. However, if the two Laptops indicate a different SSID, one ending in "2", have you perhaps connected to a neighbour's network, which is also Virgin Media, and with the same router and SSID?

What I'd be inclined to do is to go into the router's configuration and allocate an SSID of your own, then there can be no doubt as to the network to which your two Laptops are connecting.

  George Holmer 09:07 12 Oct 2011

Thank you for your reply. Indeed, each device has its own unique IP address. I had already changed the SSID to a unique name but what I had not thought about was that in my old house, I used a different ISP and a different router but of course, I had given that SSID the same name and thus, my laptop the Acer dealt with that by adding a 2 to the SSID as it remembered the old network. The Dell, which has a newly installed OS, did never see that old network. The 2 can easily be removed by renaming the network in wireless network properties. But sadly, I still cannot make the two computers communicate, either via a homegroup or workgroup. All I want to do is share my printer.....

  mgmcc 13:23 12 Oct 2011

Probably the first thing you need to achieve is to get each machine to ping the other. Until they can do this, you're unlikely to get any further with "File & Printer Sharing".

It might actually be worth trying to see if you can network them with a wired connection to the router before going wireless. If you have third-party firewall software installed, make sure it is configured to allow access to the networked computers.

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