Networking Problem with Modem/Router

  PJS2003 15:38 18 Aug 2008


I am new to the forums and would like some help please with a problem I have. I have a PC running Win Vista Home with Broadband provided by AOL through a BT Voyager 190 modem.

I want to set up a wireless network to allow another PC to connect wirelessly to the Internet. I have connected the Ethernt cable that comes out of the BT Voyager Modem to a Netgear DG834GSP v3 Wireless ADSL Modem/Router and then an Ethernet cable from the Netgear Router to the PC.

I logged into the Router and checked the settings and all seems ok and the computer can connect to the internet. I also made sure the network username and passwords were correct.

I then tried another PC that has Win XP Pro SP2 running with a USB Belkin F5D7051 Wireless adapter. It found the network straight away and connected, however the PC would not connect to the internet. I also tried a wireless notebook which again found the network and "connected" to it but it failed to connect to the internet.

I am assuming perhaps that it maybe because I am using 2 modems together and there may be a conflict with the BT Voyager and the Netgear?

I have tried to reset the Netgear to factory settings and replace the BT Voyager with the Netgear, i.e. Phone Line (via filter) to Netgear, to PC via Ethernet, however I am having difficulty doing this.

Sorry for the long post but could someone please advise what the problem may be?

I am considering getting hold of an AOL CD to install and allow the software to hopefully configure the Netgear Router for me to ensure all the settings are correct, is this wise? I currently connect to the Internet using the standard "connect to" menu and do not have any AOL software installed.

Many thanks,


  mgmcc 16:45 18 Aug 2008

Your Netgear router must be connected *DIRECTLY* to the phone line to *REPLACE* the BT Modem. All computers then connect to the Netgear, either by ethernet cable or "wirelessly".

  PJS2003 17:08 18 Aug 2008

Thanks, I tried this at the weekend, logged into the Netgear router to check all settings (including entering Broadband username and password) but when trying to connect to the internet the Netgear was trying to connect to a WAN? I can provide the correct message when I get home if need be, I have even tried using the setup network wizard when logged into the router after resetting to factory settings but that didnt work either.

Is there a guide to installing/configuring a Netgear Wireless Modem/Router?

Many thanks,


  mgmcc 22:36 18 Aug 2008

<<<<when trying to connect to the internet the Netgear was trying to connect to a WAN?>>>>

The WAN (Wide Area Network) *IS* the Internet. You could try contacting AOL's support people as AOL may use unconventional settings. I seem to recall reading, for example, that AOL uses PPPoE protocol instead of the PPPoA protocol used by all other ADSL services in the UK.

  PJS2003 10:00 19 Aug 2008

Many thanks,

I did recall a message on the screen saying "Connecting to WAN Miniport on PPPOA" but it would sit there and not connect in the end, so maybe by changing the Router settings to PPPOE could resolve the issue, I'll give it a go and report back if I have further problems, failing that as you say I could always contact AOL Customer Support to see if they could help with settings, I would prefer NOT to install AOL's software as personally I don't like it.

Many thanks again for your reply.



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