Networking Problem

  TrevNI 14:35 20 Sep 2006


I have a PC connected to Broadband via a OfficeConnect ADSL Wireless 11g Firewall Router.

The PC runs Windows XP Professional.

I have set up a hardwired network and connect to this via Ethernet cables.

If I plug my laptop into the network (Runs XP Home) I can surf the net and read emails with no problems.

If on my PC I want to access the files on my laptop I can do this OK and I can save files from PC to laptop OK.

If instead I am on laptop and want to access the files on PC it won’t allow me to do this and won’t allow me to print from laptop via network router to network printer.

When I try to access files on my PC from the laptop it asks me for the Network username and password. The PC never asks me for a name or password but sometimes the laptop does and when keying in this it still does not work.

Note the files/folders on the PC are marked OK for sharing.

Please can someone advise what the problem is. Is this just a matter of finding the right username and password and it will work and if so how can I retrieve these or is there another problem.

Note I have just had a photocopier/printer installed via the router to the PC and the installer asked when doing this if I had DCHP installed on PC. I did not know what he was talking about so he checked and confirmed it was installed and said I really should TURN THIS OFF as it may cause problems with Photocopier/Printer at a later date. Has this also something to do with my laptop not being able to access PC files. Do I have to use the CD that came with photocopier to install this on laptop if I want to print to this ?

Once I get the hardwired system working the aim is to then try and get a wireless network set up.

Any help you can give would be very much appreciated.

Thank you.

Trevor Mitchell.
[email protected]

  skidzy 14:41 20 Sep 2006

Try installing the software to the printer on both machines,if one is looking for the printer and is not will never work.Each system needs to be able to see the printer.

  ade.h 15:43 20 Sep 2006

You shouldn't publish your email address on a forum, for obvious reasons. Those of us who are genuinely prepared and able to help will do so here. click here

Have you read through the related threads in Networking yet? (I suspect not, since you posted this here instead). Please read through a few of them.

You will find that a request for a username and password is common and is expected behaviour in many configurations. It is NOT the network name (that is the SSID) and it is not the workgroup either; it is an admin account name, one of which must be passworded in a network environment.

Re: DHCP - absolute rubbish. You only turn off the DHCP server (in the router) and the DHCP Client service (on each client) when you experience IP assignment issues. click here for some networking definitions.

  silverous 15:52 20 Sep 2006

I think the photocopier engineer was confusing a different issue. What he probably meant was that if the photocopier was set to DHCP then it's IP address can change and that could potentially cause issues on machines that are pointing to it. Might work but usually people seem to give such machines static IP addresses.

As suggested, have a look through the networking forum - there are lots of threads on file sharing etc. which will probably contain an answer for you.

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