networking problem

  rsinbad 18:49 06 Mar 2006

just changed my ssid identification name ,now other comuters cannot connect.

I know that all three should have the same name to be able to connect.My question is how do i mannually do this on the other 2 computers

  mgmcc 19:41 06 Mar 2006

Normally the Wireless Adapter's software scans for Available Wireless Networks, finds the one with the SSID that matches the Wireless Access Point (router) you are trying to connect to and you then select the option to "Connect" to it, which will involve entering any WEP or WPA encryption key.

Only with an "Ad Hoc" network should you have to enter the SSID yourself.

  3kipper 20:58 06 Mar 2006

I have 3 Laptops connecting via wireless to a 3comm router. The router connects to broadband internect isp. I can access the router from all laptops by entering ip address. One of the laptops will "wake-up" the internet connectio if it has dropped, automatically. eg go to IE, not webpage found, hit refresh and it appears. The other two won't do this automatically, I have to log onto admin panel of the router and click "connect" to get the internet connection working. Are there some setting in IE or XP that I'm missing??

  3kipper 21:23 06 Mar 2006

Sorry... added to your thread rather than starting a new one....

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  rsinbad 22:20 06 Mar 2006

for some reason the two wireless computers cannot connect they can see the access point but are not able to connect , if i change the name back they work. Must be missing a setting on the two computers?

3 kipper no probs

  Danoh 00:42 07 Mar 2006

I had the same problem when I tried to change SSId via wireless access to the router (

The problem went away after I connected via an Ethernet cable to change the SSID on the router instead (again using

Then I deleted the wireless connections on each of the wireless client PCs, and added a new one, specifying the new SSID and all the security settings (all the while remaining un-wired from the router). Each wireless client immediately picked up the router's broadcast and connected automatically after that.

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