Networking problem

  old-timer 16:00 16 Nov 2003


I have just networked two computers. The first runs ME and has a broadband connection via cable, the second runs XP. File sharing appears to work between the computers, but I cannot access the internet from the XP computer, but can thru the ME computer. I created the network using the XP machine,using the wizard. Created a floppy and then used the floppy for the ME machine.

In network(Control panel) I notice that the network cards are duplicated(giving 4 in all), but one of each is prefixed with TCP/IP.

Where have I gone it something to do with ICS

  recap 16:06 16 Nov 2003

Disable the Firewall on the XP machine and see if allows traffic.

  old-timer 16:27 16 Nov 2003

The firewall is disabled on the XP machine,which can see the files and use the printers on the ME machine.

  recap 16:41 16 Nov 2003

Run a command prompt and type in: ipconfig /all
This will show you all the propeties of your network including your NIC. If there is more than one then it will show in here.

You can also type in the command prompt "netstat" without the quotes.

  old-timer 17:04 16 Nov 2003

After running ipconfig, it shows two nic's. The internet shows an IP address but the network shows none.

  old-timer 17:13 16 Nov 2003

It appears the problem was caused by ICS not installed. Thanks for your help recap

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