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  kelliemarie 14:26 19 Apr 2006

Hi all I wonder if anyone can help me???

Im looking at buying a laptop and wish to be able to print wirelessly from my other PC printer (Epson. I understand that with my wireless enabled laptop and the wireless router I can connect both to the internet but cant see how to connect my printer?? I dont want to have to have my home PC switched on so could anyone offer any advice??

Many thanks


  Aargh 15:27 19 Apr 2006

The simple way is to create a wireless network to include your home PC and laptop, then leave the home PC on with the printer connected. Windows will tell you how to 'share' the printer on the network.

If you really don't want to leave the home PC on, you will have to get a wireless print server (something like this)
click here

It then depends how you connect the old PC to it.

  kelliemarie 15:34 19 Apr 2006

Thanks for the info - I really dont wnat to have to leave my home PC switched on so I guess the only way around that is for the printer server - are they easy enough to install??

  Aargh 15:45 19 Apr 2006

If you are competent enough with with computers and follow the instructions they are easy.

All you need is a wireless router to give you a wifi network, a network card (plug in or built in) for the laptop, and the print server. You may want a PCI network adapter to plug into the old pc, if you want to be totally wireless, or if it is near enough, use a cable.

All you then need is enough wall sockets to plug everything into! As long as your printer is USB, it will plug into the server.

All you need to worry about then is setting up your network(!!!!!)

  kelliemarie 15:50 19 Apr 2006

Thanks so much - you've been really helpful

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