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  dvdcllns 17:03 28 Jan 2011

I have an All in One printer connected to a desktop running Vista HP. This printer can be seen & used by others on the network if the desktop is switched on. Nothing unusual there then.
Is it possible to connect another printer i.e. laserjet, to the desktop and the others to see & use it too?
Ideally, anyone on the network would be able to choose whichever printer they wanted to use without having to schelp to the desktop and put the chosen printer 'online'

  Woolwell 18:24 28 Jan 2011

It is possible to add another printer to the Vista HP and be seen by the others on the network but theVista HP machine does have to be on. The small office I used to mange had 1 completely networked printer and 2 others (which hung off an XP desktop). All users could use all 3 printers. You may want to consider a printer router instead though.

  dvdcllns 20:30 28 Jan 2011

Thanks for that Woolwell.
One snippet of info I forgot and may be relevant; all the PC's are on a wireless network.
Any links to show me what type of router I may be looking for?

  woodchip 21:17 28 Jan 2011

This is a Spam thread

  Woolwell 21:38 28 Jan 2011

How do you work that out?

  Woolwell 21:40 28 Jan 2011

I meant a printer server but I have never used one so cannot recommend one.

  Woolwell 22:10 28 Jan 2011

Now seen the other postings with different user name but same query.

  dvdcllns 10:43 29 Jan 2011

I looked for printer routers but found printer servers so guessed that this is what you meant.
Not many out there that handle more than one printer though. Thanks for that though
Just beacause two people ask a similar question does not mean it's a spam thread.

  dvdcllns 11:22 29 Jan 2011

Now have both printers up and running, only the drivers to load onto the individual laptops when adding the printer, which seems painless enough.
Thanks for the help.
Any second thoughts?

  Woolwell 11:50 29 Jan 2011

Make sure that they are set to share.

  dvdcllns 11:58 29 Jan 2011

They are and they work fine. It was when I tried them from a laptop that the driver request came on the screen etc etc. Thanks again.

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