networking a printer

  [DELETED] 22:29 10 Dec 2003

Is easy enough with a print server or sharing in windows, but how on earth do you map a printer at dos level in xp pro.

I have a customer who refuse to stop using their crappy dos accounting package :( and the set up is as follows....

3 xp pro machines, one acting as the accounts server. The other 2 machines are acting as accounts clients from that machine on 100mb nwork. Now, the accounts server has a djet attached to lpt1 which works fine for that machine, but the two clients dont print to it when the shared printer is selected in windows. I assume it's because the program is running in dos mode? I vaguely remember a command beginning with the word 'net' to connect a printer, but thats the limit of my memory on this one :(

many thanks

  [DELETED] 00:13 11 Dec 2003

click here

This mentions the NET command about halfway down the page.

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