networking PC + laptop

  conrail 21:39 31 Aug 2003

my daughter has been given a laptop and I want to network to give her internet access via my pc and broadband, I wouls also like to regulate other access, ie no access to my college files, I thought I needed a networking card for the pc and similar for the laptop + the cable of course but I have been advised that I can do it just using usb 1 ports on both machines, both run xp, advise please

  johnem 21:53 31 Aug 2003

You will need a USB crossover cable and then use the networking wizard on your main PC. You could then use the ICS feature on the main PC. This would give the laptop internet access, but only when the main PC is running. This would also give you some control over the time spent online. If you wish to give full access to the internet, I think you may well need a router fro your broadband.

  smiddy 21:55 31 Aug 2003

lots of info needed here. first you need a router, that will connect the two machines two the internet and of course the nic's you mentioned. When you set up your network only share the files you want. You can use usb routers etc but they can let you down

  conrail 22:00 31 Aug 2003

thanks for quick responce, would like her to have access to the net at any time without my pc being on, she often works at home when I am at work so could leave my pc on but prefer it switched off, also sorry about the ignorance, but what is a router?

  smiddy 22:06 31 Aug 2003

access will be on all the time as long as the router is turned on and it is connected to your bb modem. A router is a kind of switching box that diverts the internet between computers. Your pc wo'nt have to be on

  conrail 22:10 31 Aug 2003

thanks, I will pop along to me local store to see about getting one, will it still give me access at the same time or just 1 unit at a time?

  harry_b 22:13 31 Aug 2003

the router acts as a gateway for the pc's, when 1 pc makes a request for a web page the router passes the incoming data to the pc which requested it ( a bit simplified! ), you would benefit from using a wireless router given that one of your pc's is a laptop, you would also require a wireless interface for each pc.

  smiddy 22:15 31 Aug 2003

well, its is really only one at a time, but the switching is so fast you will not notice. The only thing to metion is that using two machines at one time will swollow up bandwidth so will slow the connection dow quite a lot for both machines

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