networking only one direction????????

  Antz 22:20 31 Aug 2003

At last I have managed to set up a wireless connection between my p.c and laptop. I have set up file,printer and internet ( dial-up ) sharing. I have disconnected Zonealarm for the present as I am having problems connecting while it is active. Windows XP'S firewall is also not active,( both machines are XP). My problem is this. I have no problems communicating between my laptop and P.C, but THe other way around simply will not work. The whole operating system on my p.c stalls and eventually and I mean after about 2 minutes I get a report telling me My network places is not responding. I have to use the task manager to get restarted.Sometimes after a long time I get a response from the laptop ( i.e a requested file will open ) but this is very rarely.On a few occasions I get a report telling I don't have access but I can be certain that I do.Any suggestions on this one, I simply don't understand this................ Incidentally the printer and internet are accessed from the P.C.

  Steve N 22:43 31 Aug 2003

Well ZoneAlarm has an ICS (Internet Connection Sharing) feature to enable one PC to access the internet through another. I think you may have to enable it when you install the programme. If you dig hard enough you should find it somewhere in the options though. I remember doing so.

I assume your WLAN is from PC to Laptop directly and not via a Wireless Access point. If so make sure that you set up the connection to be in AdHoc mode and not in infrastructure mode.

I suggest you uninstall the cards completely. Start the installation again, and then run network setup wizard again too. It is all pretty simple.

Are the WLAN cards the same make?

Please email me with any further questions as this post will no doubt get lost in the debts with all the other posts and I check my email regularly

  Antz 22:35 02 Sep 2003

Sorry I took so long steve, I took your advice and re-installed everything works fine now, another question if you don't mind, I still have problems getting a connection with zonealarm running, I have checked that the i.p address is configured ( on zonealarm) on both computers and it seems that it is.I am a bit uncomfortable with this as i believe a firewall is essential. I have yet to master the encryption but that is only a matter of time , zonealarm is the real issue at the moment. Also, is it wise to transmit personal details such as credit card numbers through an un-encrypted wireless network even though the website is using ssl technology. Sorry for the onslaught of qeuries but like all new computer ventures there is a lot of learning involved............thanks for the previous advice,anthony

  Steve N 21:29 07 Sep 2003

Well. From what I understand a firewall is only really essential on the computer that is actually connected directly to the internet.

Infact on our works computers it is the router which has the firewall and there is no software firewall anywhere on our network. I haven't even got one on my PC. I have broadband. I used to have them but. It just hogs sytem resources. I am just a bit more careful now.

I know it isn't free but have you thought about trying Norton Internet Security. It has Antivirus and Personal Firewall. You could download a trial and see what you think if you are unable to configure ZoneAlerm properly. Setting each computer so it is in the safe zone should do the trick though.

As for the Credit Card thing. I;d have a play setting up some encryption between the PCs. @ work we use netgear WiFi and have a 10 digit transmission key. you could set this up. For the relatively small amounts data that will have ur credit card details it will give you some piece of mind. SSL is pretty secure though.

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