Networking - Needlessly complicated for home users

  GibsonSt19 13:48 02 Feb 2005

I would like to network all of the items below, sharing the same Broadband connection and able to access each workstations files etc.
1x Main PC (Windows XP Home), hardwired to a Netgear DG834GT Wireless router. (can already work with files on the Windows XP PC below)
1x Windows XP Home PC (this is already networked and able to access the net wirelessly)
1x Windows ME machine. I just can't get this to see the network, or have the network see it.

Where on earth do I start, to get this ME machine networked (hardwired). It's plugged into port 4 of the modem router, and the light is lit to say it's connected, but within the router admin page, it only registers my main PC as being connected to the router.

Your thoughts are much appreciated.

  LastChip 14:11 02 Feb 2005

It's bound to be complicated, as networks were never designed for the home. You are moving into a commercial area, and whether you are connecting just two PC's together or a hundred is irrelevant.

For starters, check your ME workstation is in the same Workgroup as the XP machines and that it has a unique name.

How have you tried to set it up - via a Wizard from XP? or some other means. Is it set-up to obtain an address from your router? It should be. If you have a static address nominated on the machine, you have to make sure that it's in the same range of addresses that the router is currently using.

Finally (for now) make sure you are using a patch (straight through) cable. Although some routers will automatically recognise and compensate for crossover cables, they are in the minority. You could also temporarily try the cable connected to the XP machine and see if your wireless XP machine sees the ME computer. If it does, it could simply be a cable problem.

  GibsonSt19 14:15 02 Feb 2005

I managed to get it sorted by sharing some stuff on the ME Machine. A Router reboot sorted it all then, assigning IP's to each workstation accordingly.

Thanks lots.

I would comment though, that as Home Networks are very common, you shouldn't need a degree in computing to set it all up!

Ah well.

  GibsonSt19 14:17 02 Feb 2005

Also needed to install NETBUI on the ME Machine.

  PA28 14:33 02 Feb 2005

Take heart - 20 years ago ALL computing was like this. Assigning IRQs, I/Os, DMAs etc was largely a manual process with a lot of trial and error - and frustration. Just enjoy how the world has progressed!

  GibsonSt19 17:58 02 Feb 2005

Thought it was sorted :(

The Windows ME Machine decided to go into hibernation mode, and when it resumed, it was no longer connected to the network, and even after several reboots (both cold and hard; ooer). The Netgear DG834GT router no longer shows it to be connected (via the LEDs on the front, even though the ethernet cable is plugged in), or via the router admin page.

Is this is a known prob with ME? Will I have to remove and re-seat the Network Card?

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