networking multiple mce computers together

i was woundering whether it was possible to network three or four mce computers together and get them to record television, store music and pics on one hard drive whether that is a local drive i.e. one in one of the computers or to a network attached hard drive. oh and i want to upgrade them to vista so it needs to be compatible with that os.if anybody has any ideas or knows how to do this please reply.


  ade.h 22:43 08 Jun 2006

I have never used Media Centre in a network environment, but there shoul not be anything particularly unusual about it. The core rules and methods will still apply, Vista included; it's just that you may not, at this stage, be able to achieve exactly what you want and you may have to work around the conventional network functions for now. Intel's and Microsoft's vision of an integrated networked home, as the marketing bods might put it, is just beginning to get off the ground with the Viiv idea. It will come together in time though.

  mental wall 09:48 11 Jun 2006

ok thanks ill have a go and post my results

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