alt 10:01 04 Jun 2004

Hi, I am running a pc and laptop running win xp home and have them networked so that I can use both machines to access the internet and files anywhere in the house. I am using belkin usb wireless network adapters, and they work very well. I know that I can buy a Belkin access point to allow a range of up to 200ft. However I am wanting to use my laptop to access my home comp 3/4 to one mile from my house, is there any way of doing this without wi-fi...Thanks

  orangewhiteblue 10:09 04 Jun 2004

XP has a feature called Remote Assistance. I have never used this feature myself however it appears that it is a way of networking between 2 computers over the internet.

  byfordr 10:12 04 Jun 2004

Pc anywhere? click here

As long as you have a network connection, and the right authentification you can access it from anywhere, hence the name I suppose! Saves 3/4 of a mile of cat cable anyway!



  Q-Bie 10:14 04 Jun 2004

Pfft, PC Anywhere.

Why not go the free route and use VNC?

click here

I use it all the time to remotely access my PC, and it works a treat.


  MartinT-B 10:16 04 Jun 2004

Would a Virtual Private Network (VPN) Work?

  alt 10:25 04 Jun 2004

Hi Q-Bie, do I download this onto the comp and laptop?.....

  Chegs ® 12:17 04 Jun 2004

VNC needs installing onto each machine,its also usable across different platforms(I have XP Pro/Home and Linux)and can use it to control my Suse Linux PC from XP,I have also used it to control my mothers PC and she lives in

  keith-236785 12:50 04 Jun 2004

VNC is excellent but it needs each computer to have an internet/network connection. this is the main question raised by alt.

i am assuming that ALT wants to use wireless networking to access the internet through the home computer and doesnt have internet connection ¾ mile away.

  alt 19:18 04 Jun 2004

Hi Paperman, I have the connection, through the phone line on my home PC, broadband the moment I can use the laptop anywhere in the house or garden by using my 2 belkin wireless network adapters, but I want to use it at a friends place (who doesn't have a phone line) which is a mile away. I don't want to use wifi.

  byfordr 20:37 04 Jun 2004

What about a mobile card. ie one from vodaphone?

  alt 07:04 05 Jun 2004

Hi Byfordr, wouldn't that be expensive? do I have to have a vodaphone mobile?.....

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