Networking laptops to use CD-ROM

  wilmabeast 10:10 28 Apr 2005

OK, i'm not too hot on this sort of stuff so bear with me!

I have 2 laptops, a Samsung X05 running XP home with built in wireless card, which connects to the internet through an Adaptec wireless router, and a dell L400 running XP pro with PC card-type-thing wireless card, which also connects through the same router. Both can access the internet with no problem whatsoever.

The Dell has not got a built-in CD-ROM - is it possible to network the two laptops so that i can use the Samsung CD-ROM to install programs off CD onto the Dell?

I have tried to network the two using the network setup wizard, but when i try to access the other computer through My network places i get told i do not have sufficient permission.

It would also be useful to share files between the laptops at some point, but i need to get the CD-ROM thing working first if possible!

Any help very gratefully received before I throw both laptops out of the window!!

  TomJerry 10:15 28 Apr 2005

also login as administrator

for sharing directory or CD ROM, just right click select properties and click sharing

disable firewall and up set up wizard again, do not forget to have a name for each lappy

  wilmabeast 11:17 28 Apr 2005

turned the firewall off and it worked, now got MS office on the dell at last, thanks!

A few queries though:
1) if i go to my network places on both computers, it only shows up the samsung - why is the dell not there?
2) how do i configure the firewall (norton) to allow this access all the time?
3) when i restarted the samsung it seemed to lose the network permission, do i have to re-run the wizard everytime i want to share files?

  TomJerry 14:51 28 Apr 2005

just restart disappear lappy, another one will see it

never use norton myself, Norton was my favour in dos days, but do not like it any more all its products are very aggresive, it install everywhere and change eveything

for Zonealarm, the easy way is just uninstall and install it with network established, it will tell you find network and ask if you want to put to trusted region

maybe norton workes on the same principle, i.e. you need to put your local net in trusted region, if you cannot do it, new setup should find it and ask you for it

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