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  kakarot 12:29 15 Sep 2007


I have a desktop (not connected to the internet) and a laptop (connected to the internet via wireless).

I have a Belkin usb wireless adaptor and need to know how to connect my desktop to the laptop to use its web access and browse the web etc. The belkin usb comes with a fsdgf option which i have used to connect to the wireless laptop. But when i open a browser session it cannot connect.

What am i doing wrong?

  brundle 13:44 15 Sep 2007
  brundle 13:44 15 Sep 2007

Can you explain `fsdgf`....

  kakarot 14:05 15 Sep 2007

sorry: fsdgf was meant to read as network access option to the laptop.

  kakarot 14:25 15 Sep 2007

Thanks for the link. I will give it a go now.

  brundle 14:39 15 Sep 2007

Reading your post again, if you already have wireless access on the laptop, why do you need to access the laptop from the desktop to use the internet - why not just use the same access point?

  kakarot 15:12 15 Sep 2007

It doesn't seem to work. As an alternative I am trying to use this method. The laptop worked fine but the desktop just could not work nor can i move it closer to the wireless router from its permanent location so this is the next best solution i could think of.

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