Networking and Kids !!

  VideoSentry 18:36 11 Feb 2005

I have a wireless network , the kids have found that if they use MSN without logging in through AOL, the Parental Controls do not apply. I have ( though I cannot remember how!!) managed to disable both MSN and IE on another computer but one is still 'unsupervised'. The 'rogue' is XP with SP2. I have tried to find the answer on the 'Help Forum' , but.....

  FelixTCat 22:46 11 Feb 2005

Do you want to stop them using the computer completely? If so, disable the Guest account and password-protect your log-in.

  toni b 23:10 11 Feb 2005

If so then you should be able to configure the firewall to prevent access from msn messenger.

  VideoSentry 10:50 13 Feb 2005

I do not want to stop them going on MSN as long as it is via their AOL user name , which enables me to keep an eye on the time they are online etc via parental controls.

  FelixTCat 13:21 13 Feb 2005

Do you have Home or Pro? With Pro you could set up accounts for them which will strictlylimit the programs they can run. Unfortunately, with Home, every user is in the administrator group.

  VideoSentry 13:30 13 Feb 2005

The machine they use is XP Home, but as I said I managed to 'disable' them from connecting via My machine ,but I cannot remember how I did it!!!!!

  VideoSentry 19:16 16 Feb 2005

Any ideas ?

  Chezdez 20:59 16 Feb 2005

just password protect all the user accounts, so that they can only go online when you put the password in for them!

  VideoSentry 10:23 17 Feb 2005

CHEZDEZ ,The trouble with doing that is they will not be able to do their homework as your suggestion will block all access, there is something in explorer which I tripped upon that gave me the window to 'use only for this user' i.e. disabling the kids going direct through the Router though allowing them access to the net via the router but using their AOL logins.But I cannot find that 'window'!!!

  Chezdez 22:27 17 Feb 2005

i do know which window your talking about, seen it before myself when i was messing about, but can't think for the life of me where it can be found for specific programs, sorry dude :S

in the mean time, i'll ask some people, see if i can turn anything up for you

  VideoSentry 08:14 18 Feb 2005

Thanks !

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