Networking issues - PC upload not working as it should.

  C_H_R_I_S_ 15:52 16 Jul 2014

Summary: Uploads appearing distorted or just completely failing. Issues are only appearing through the PC on both Ethernet and WiFi, uploads from my laptop are perfectly fine.


I built my PC back in November 2011 and ever since doing so I have had problems with uploading anything online, or streaming/video chatting. I have a WiFi card in my PC because at one point had no Ethernet access for a couple of months. Ever since I have been able to use Ethernet, I have done so. But uploading on Ethernet or WiFi is disastrous with the PC, it is so frustrating and I have been on the brink of buying a new rig multiple times.

If I upload a picture, for example, I will have to upload it around 10 times before it actually uploads correctly. (Even worse at peak times, can take up to 50 attempts.. then I usually give up) When when I upload a picture, it will show up with distortion or it will have an incorrect colour tint or lines running through it. If I was to upload a video to YouTube, for example, it would take multiple attempts to start with, then when it finally uploads it is awfully distorted. I have tried with all three browsers I currently have (IE, Chrome, Firefox). Video chatting usually starts out okay, then it will start to become distorted, and then lose connection after around 30 seconds..

My laptop does not encounter these issues, whether it's on WiFi or plugged into Ethernet. (I have tried the PC cable in the laptop too, to make sure it wasn't a fault with that.) I have fibre optic internet with 10Mb/s upload speeds and it is just going to waste... When I run a speedtest from the PC, it shows up perfectly fine (44Mb/s DL 10Mb/s UL).

As for the speeds on the PC, downloading is perfectly spot-on, it generally runs at the full quoted peak speed. However, and I find this very odd, the upload speed looks as if it is working as-quoted, it reaches a decent speed and doesn't spike at all, but the connection is very ropey and whatever is being uploaded either fails or appears with defects.

For the past ~3 years I have been using my E-HDD to transfer files from my PC to the laptop for any uploads, it has been OKAY, but it is really just not ideal and very limiting. I have started to use cloud storage and that is just a nightmare with the PC, if I add something to Dropbox, it will sit there forever and won't upload no matter what. I can usually get it working through the web version of Dropbox, but it takes multiple attempts, and only works if I do one file at a time. (Considering I'm constantly wanting to backup hundreds of photos this is not exactly ideal..)

I would really like to get another year out of my PC at the least because it's not a bad rig, if this uploading problem could be solved then it would be perfect. Any suggestions at all are extremely appreciated, thank you for taking your time to read this. :)

All the best, Chris.


CPU: Intel i5 3550 Quad-core 3.3GHz (NOT overclocked) GPU: ASUS GTX 560ti 1.25GB (NOT overclocked) Mobo: Gigabyte GA-B75M-D3H RAM: 8GB 1600MHz (Can't remember the brand, it's not a well-known one though.) HDD1: Seagate 1TB 5900RPM HDD2: Seagate 2TB 7200RPM

  Jollyjohn 13:21 17 Jul 2014

Next time you boot the PC go into BIOS and look under Integrated Peripherals and find Onboard LAN - Disable, save changes and continue boot.

You will not be connected to the network at all - look under Control Panel - Programs - for any drivers relating to the Onboard LAN card, remove them.

Reboot, re enable Onboard LAN and allow Windows to find and re install drivers, re connect to internet and see if there is any improvement.

Having read you post, carefully, I think the rest of the setup, laptop - router - outside world is fine, the problem does appear to be on the PC.

If you have a spare Network card, you could try that instead of Onboard LAN.

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