Networking - how to?

  Elrond 22:20 10 Oct 2003

I'm thinking of getting a laptop and I'd like to network it to my home PC and share it's broadband internet access. I'm unsure on how i'd be best off going about this. Do I need to buy a cable router and go from my modem to that and then from the router to the Pc and Laptop, or can I just have the cable modem going into my home pc and then connecting the laptop and pc via a NIC. Sorry if I've said something silly, I'm new to networking stuff. Thanks for your time. Oh by the way I am looking for the cheapest option.

  Tim1964 22:29 10 Oct 2003

If you have cable BB then have a look here click here

If you have the laptop connected to the desktop you will need to have the desktop on. If using a router/hub then they can be online individually.

Basically, laptop NIC to hub (patch cable), desktop NIC to hub(patch cable), hub to modem.

  Elrond 22:33 10 Oct 2003

Thanks Tim1964, it's most likely i'd only use the laptop to access the net when someone else is on the desktop surfing anyways. I'll read thru info on the link you posted right now. Thanks again

  Epirb406 22:35 10 Oct 2003
  Epirb406 22:35 10 Oct 2003
  Elrond 22:47 10 Oct 2003

Thanks for the link. I think I'll fully read thru tomorrow now. Me soo tired.

  Elrond 10:00 11 Oct 2003


  Elrond 19:54 12 Oct 2003

Having decided on a laptop I am thinking of getting this

click here

I was just wondering, being a networking novice, what type of cable I'll need to connect my PC and laptop to the router. Thanks

  recap 20:09 12 Oct 2003

All that is needed it a "Crossover Cable" as long as your machines have NIC's in them no hub or router needed. If your machines are XP then run the "Network Wizard" with a floppy disc in the machine and then run the flopppy on the other machine. You should have it up and running within half an hour.

  recap 20:10 12 Oct 2003

One thing I should have mentioned is this, disable any firewall that is running on your machine first.

  Elrond 20:12 12 Oct 2003

I need the router so that I can access the net on either machine w/o needing a host to be switched on. So would I still need X-over cables to connect to the router or would this be okay

click here

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