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  topdraw 16:02 26 Nov 2005

Please could anyone give me advice on hardware, I need to have a safe , secure and up to date gigabit wired network.

I have wired the house with CAT6 (twelve outlets) and coax (six outlets) to a central cupboard, I have brought my ntl cable to a two way splitter in the cupboard and took one of the coax to my set top box and one to my ntl nodem.

I have bought a 12 port wall mounted CAT6 patch panel, I would like to have a server or network hard drive in the cupboard for backup or to distribute movies or music????????.

What I would like is network/internet access to my twelve rj45 outlets, (not nescessarily all at one time, hence patch panel). I would like to integrate my tv (eventually HDTV) and DVD player (eventually Blu-ray DVD recorder with HDD) and a music streamer of some sorts. Could anyone help me with what is the best hardware ie, routers, swithes etc to get.

Many thanks for any replies

  LastChip 16:50 26 Nov 2005

Personally, I use (and prefer) a single port router into a dedicated Gigabit Switch. Switches are recognised as being more efficient than multi-port routers.

If you take that choice, you will need to feed your NTL modem into the router. In this case, all outlets will have Internet capability, providing you do not restrict availability.

Almost all routers these days, have a built-in Firewall, often Linux or BSD based, and will offer ample protection; at least as far as anyone can!

I'm unsure as to why you wish to use a patch panel, as all your "tails" could have been directly connected to the switch(s), but that is more a matter of choice than anything else. But to my mind, for a relatively small network, it just adds another potential source of trouble.

You can place a server in your cupboard and connect it to one of the switch ports. It will act just like any other computer on the network, apart from it's dedicated job.

Once the server is set-up, just map your other devices to a network share, which will then provide whatever service you call.

At home, I use Hawking equipment, which is very efficient and reasonably priced, but all of the major providers will offer suitable equipment, and to be honest, there's not a lot to choose between any of it. The only thing I will say, is early on, I had a minor problem with the equipment, and Hawking customer service was absolutely excellent. So for that alone, I would have no hesitation in recommending them. That aside, my Gigabit network has been working for over a year now, absolutely faultlessly.

  topdraw 18:35 26 Nov 2005

Thanks LastChip,

"Personally, I use (and prefer) a single port router into a dedicated Gigabit Switch. Switches are recognised as being more efficient than multi-port routers."

I will do that, (I will use an eight port gigabit switch as I cannot afford any more ports), can you recomend one?

The reason for the patch panel is for maybe connecting an rj45 from my set top box to an outlet to say the bedroom via the patch panel. I would like to do video streaming maybe or music streaming to other rooms so I thought the patch panel would relay this somehow. Your input on these queries would be appreciated. I have seen Hawking equipment before so I will look for it.

Thanks again

  LastChip 21:15 26 Nov 2005

This is the switch I use (8 Port) click here and as I said has been very good.

Keep in mind, that eight ports are likely to start you off well, but if necessary (when finances and demands allow) you can plug another switch into one of the ports on the original switch, thereby increasing your port capacity.

  topdraw 00:34 27 Nov 2005

Thanks for your input LastChip,

I was looking at the Netgear GS108 but looking at the Hawking and the price difference I think I will go for the Hawking.

Many thanks

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