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  [DELETED] 18:45 18 Nov 2003

just bought a new pc running windows Xp.
Under DEVICE MANAGER -- Network Adapters show 2 things :
- 1394 Net Adapter
- Interl(R) PRO/100 VE Network connection.

does this means that this new pc already installed with a network card ?thanks

  johnnyrocker 18:48 18 Nov 2003



  [DELETED] 18:48 18 Nov 2003

yes, have a look at the back for the RJ45 socket.if there isnt one then you may need to fit a bracket to a heder on the mobo, RTFM.

  recap 18:50 18 Nov 2003

Use one for your cable modem and the other for networking.

  [DELETED] 19:05 18 Nov 2003

i hv a look at the back of the CPU. Found just 1 slot with a card installed with a telephone socket on it , does it means i just need to install a network card for the old pc, connect both with a cable(is it similar to phone cable type?), & do some setting on my new PC which is running WINXP & i can start surfing internet & sharing document? thanks

  recap 19:14 18 Nov 2003

Use the networking wizard in XP once you have created the floppy off the XP machine run it on your other machine. Connect both computers with a crossover cable for file sharing. If you require BB sharing then use a router.

click here for further details.

  [DELETED] 20:15 18 Nov 2003

1394 Net Adapter is a FireWire port.

Intel(R) PRO/100 VE should be a LAN port. This looks like a bigger telephone connector.
It isn't normally in a slot position - more often on the main motherboard connection panel (but could be either)

Lan cable (Cat5) is 8 wire cable, quite a bit thicker than telephone cable, but easy to obtain.

There are a number of different ways to use this to connect your computers together and share the internet.

You could get a "crossover" cable directly between the two PCs, and use your existing modem


You could get a LAN/Router, which both PCs connect to and it then connects to the net.


You can get a Router which connects to a USB modem, and which both PCs connect to.


If you already have a modem with a LAN port you could get a Hub or Swtich, which both PCs connect to, and which the modem plugs into.

How you do it depends a lot on what you have now in the way of net connection.

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