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  solacunis 09:55 19 Apr 2012

HI, I have an ip camera and i want to access it remotly. my problem is ;....I have set up camera with the setup disc and it works fine localy ie thro my IE browser the problem starts when i disconect from the router and try to contact with ip adress. Detail of the equipment, IP camera is easyn f series Router... viginmedia superhubVMDG 480 I have tried portforwarding and when i enter gate no ie 80 81 and press add it goes into the grid but grey not bold black. Also the uPnP is active bld black. I have conntacted vigin media but i think they are not sure how to get over this problem The superhub is NetGear if anybody has the same equipment could they guide me step by step to sot this out. The cam is for home security only and will only be switched on 3 weeks a year total

  bobbybowls 22:21 26 Apr 2012

you could not have bought a worse camera. the parents in law had one and i could never get it to work even with a wired connection. they eventually bought one of these y-cam

  behill80 07:43 18 Jun 2012

Get connected to the support center for help. Very ease.

  thegatekeeper 18:52 20 Jun 2012

Can't believe these things are still being marketed. Get another one trust me and save yourself the headache.

Clive Bokley @ Diablo 3

  speedman 08:55 21 Jun 2012

What ever it is products like this has never been 100% efficient. It all depends on luck IMO.

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