Networking headaches

  Anubis99 19:17 08 Apr 2008

Ok first off my setup:
4 machines - 2 x XP Pro 2 x Vista Home Premium
Connected via Netgear DG834PN Wireless Router to ISP.

All working fine until last night and my main workstation running XP Pro, SP2 (Fully patched and up to date) drops offline. I notice that it is now refusing to pick up a proper 192.168.0.X IP Address from the router via DHCP but instead a 169.254 address. I have tried ipconfig /release & /renew but each tiem defaults to a useless 169.254 address. I've checked all the CAT5 cabling and even replaced the RJ45 plugs to be sure but still refuses to connect.

My other machine a laptop also running XP Pro has been flaky but is still connecting ok, Vista machines are not affected at all.
My only way around this issue has been to use a wireless USB adaptor to get a decent IP address but this keeps falling over intermittently.

I have tried netsh int ipreset but it does nothing to help :o( Any thoughts? In need of help with this one please!!

  STREETWORK 21:48 08 Apr 2008

Unplug the router for 10 mins and replug it in to reload the firmware. this should sort it...

post back

  Anubis99 22:05 08 Apr 2008

Will give it a go, static IP has made no difference at all :o(

  Anubis99 09:08 09 Apr 2008

Switched router off last night, left it switched off. Powered back up ths morning and issues still remain. Only able to pick up a 192.168.0.X IP Address using a USB wireless adaptor. I have set static IP addresses in the router config for each machine and manually defined the corresponding IP for my desktop machine. However it is still unable to connect to the router.
I've swapped the CAT5 netwrok cable for a known good one and still same problem.

  brundle 16:22 09 Apr 2008

Run Wireshark portable on one of the problem machines, see if it's receiving DHCP broadcasts and whether it's responding. click here
Check the DHCP service is running all the time.

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