Networking an Evesham Laptop and Desktop PC

  livewire 11:39 23 Dec 2003

I have just purchased an Evesham 6200 laptop. I also have an old 650mhz Desktop Pc which is connected to the internet via AOL Broadband with a voyager 100 modem. I would like to network my Laptop to my Desktop PC so that I can use the internet on both. How would i go about doing this? Do I buy an extra long Telephone cable?, Usb cable? I really have no idea! I would very much appreciate your help! I have included Laptop specifications below aswell as Desktop specifications

5" TFT Screen
Ports- 4x USB 2.0, 1x parallel, 1x VGA, 1x Firewire, 1x Pcmcia
12 Cell Li-ion battery
Windows XP
Mobile Intel Pentium 4 2.6 GHZ processor with hyper threading
ATI M10p graphics with 64mb of RAM
DVD/CDRW 8x8x24
512mb DDR Ram
60gb Hard Drive
v90 56k Modem

Desktop: (Already connected to the internet with AOL Braodband)
Ports- 4x USB 1.0, 1x parallel, 1x VGA, 1x Pcmcia
Windows XP
AMD Athlon 650mhz
32mb nVidia graphics chip
CD-Writer 48x12x48x
128mb RAM
20gb+40gb Hard Disk


  Rennaissance 11:45 23 Dec 2003

1. AOL BB is it connected via USB or ethernet? if USB then you can get a network card for both and use a crossover cable, and setup network with wizard, but the one connected to the internet must be on for the other one to access the internet.

2. if it is ethernet then you can use the above method or buy a router and network them together which wouldn't require one pc on to access internet. You would need a network adapter on both pcs, a router and 2 rj45 cat5 cables.

  [email protected] E 11:49 23 Dec 2003

it would realy depend on your specific needs?

ie: do you want them in seperate rooms wired or wireless.

I set my desktop up in the same room using a wired system. this enables me to supervise my children. setup using a Dlink 10/100mb fast ethernet card and a crossover cable. the laptop had all required ports and the cost was £18.99 for both card and cable.

  livewire 11:51 23 Dec 2003

My laptop and PC are in seperate rooms and AOL BB uses an Usb modem to connect. What kind od cables will i need?

  [email protected] E 11:59 23 Dec 2003

you will need a cross over cable. Don't forget that you will only be able to use the BB connection whilst the main pc is turned on, using this system.

  livewire 12:02 23 Dec 2003

Its somewhat inconvienient to have to have the main pc on to connect to the interent, is there no other way?


  Rennaissance 12:06 23 Dec 2003

buy a new modem that uses ethernet.

  [email protected] E 12:13 23 Dec 2003

there is always a way but it gets more expensive.

try these for information.

click here

click here

click here

especially the latter they were extreemly helpfull to me in setting my system up

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