networking equipment- what do i need?

  mercedesjb 13:32 21 Nov 2004

i am building another pc for my son's bedroom.the pc downstairs is on tiscali broadband using 'speedtouch' external usb modem.
i want to connect his pc as well through my network, what 'wireless' equipment will i need to do this? and how

  Jakey boy 13:42 21 Nov 2004

You need to connect wirelessly. You will need two PCI wireless adapter cards fitted in each PC, it's relevantly simple to set up, if both machines are running the same OS, but you will have problems if say, one is running Win ME and the other XP. Hang on, and I'll get you a couple of helpful links.

  Jakey boy 13:46 21 Nov 2004

Get a couple of these click here

  Jakey boy 13:51 21 Nov 2004

......check this site out click here

  Jakey boy 13:55 21 Nov 2004

Hope i've been of some help, I've just set up the same network system as you are planning. Just make sure that if you have firewalls installed, that you disable them before you set up your network. You'll do a lot of re-booting, and re-installing etc perhaps, but it's well worth it in the end. For more advice/help, search this forum for "wireless" or "networking" etc.

  mercedesjb 14:18 21 Nov 2004

thanks very much for your help. however, i am a little confused-a wireless router is mentioned as being required as well?
please could you clarify this

thanks mercedesjb

  Jakey boy 14:33 21 Nov 2004

The router thing is a mystery to me too. Trust me, you don't need one. I think they are more for a wired network than a wireless one, and would only add to your confusion. The set up I have now, is the second time I have done it. I networked my main PC and my first build about a year ago, then I sold the build machine. I have now built another and have decided to keep it for the wife to use downstairs. I had added problems because the main pc is running ME, but if you are networking two XP machines you should have less hassle.

  Jakey boy 14:39 21 Nov 2004

You will need to install ICS (Internet Connection Sharing) on both PC's. This is done simply in XP, by running the Network set-up wizard on both machines, and making one (the host with the internet connection) "connect directly to the internet" and the other (the client) "connect through a gateway or other computer". These comments will become clear when you run the wizard after you have installed the network cards.

  mercedesjb 14:47 21 Nov 2004

thanks very much for all your help
this makes it a bit clearer

  palinka 14:50 21 Nov 2004

and thanks from me too; I'm still hovering on the brink waiting to take the plunge and this thread is very useful.

  Jakey boy 14:51 21 Nov 2004

You should click the "resolved" button now.

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