Networking for dummies.

  Mester 10:06 09 Oct 2008

I know this has probably been done to death but the more pages and sites I look up the more confused I get.

I have a desktop that is connected to the internet via a Sky router. (Win XP Pro)

I now also have a laptop which connects to the internet wirelessly via the same Sky router. (win Vista HP)

Now, althought I have no problems with getting on the net with either I can't get them to talk to each other. I have around 30gb of photo's on my desktop's D: drive that I want to copy to the laptop. I could just burn them all to disc and copy them over but I also want to be able to "sync" the photo folders on both computers so that at the end of the day any new shots on the laptop can be easily be copied to the desktop D: drive as back up.

What I need is a step by step guide to setting up a basic file sharing network thingy.

Can any one suggest a good site to look at or even give instructions on here for a dummy like me (and probably others) to follow.

TIA. Tony.

  mgmcc 12:32 09 Oct 2008

Firstly, ensure that any firewall software is configured to allow access to the networked computers and, secondly, make sure both computers are in the *SAME* Workgroup.

Then, in the XP PC, set any folders that you want to have available over the network as "shared" by right clicking and selecting the "Sharing & Security" option. Tick the box "Share this folder on the network", give it a Share Name (which is how it will appear over the network) and I would suggest, also tick the box to "Allow other network users to change my files".

Vista is a little more complicated but have a look at click here

A good "synchronisation" program is Allway Sync click here

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