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  mec13 02:09 31 Oct 2004

we have a new-ish Time computer in our home on dail-up connection,which is used by the whole family frequently. My son is 'gameing fan' so conflicts in our house are often, so the obviouse answer is another computer to spread the load. Networking is something I don't know much about(in fact nothing).My 'Time' machine is locked onto Supanet for the internet which is fine by me, but does this mean that my second machine must also be of the same make for modem compatibility, because obviously I would like the internet on both computers. Truthfully I have my eye on a different make of computer(Fujitsu Siemens)with a modem I hope isnt locked onto some other ISP. If this Question sounds silly, you will have to excuse my ignorance!!

  steven_frost 06:48 31 Oct 2004

if your son is into gaming and you want to network best dump the dail-up and go broadband and if both pc are windows xp then networking is not a problem

  mouse 06:57 31 Oct 2004

To opt out of supanet click here

  hillybilly 07:11 31 Oct 2004

Your question really begs for a series of answerers, so I will try clear up some. As long as your new computer is a pc it will be compatible with the “Time” machine to connect to the net. With a dial up internet account you should not be “locked” into a particular ISP. This only really happens if you have broadband, where you have to signup for a minimum 12 month contract, but even that is now changing.

Your biggest draw back is if you network both of your machines together so that they share an internet connection, by today’s standards they will be very slow. If you do not network share and share an ISP connection, then only one PC will be able to go online at any one time. (Unless you have 2 phone lines)

So first you must decide whether you want them to share an internet connection and if so will it be dial up or will it be broadband? May be you have cable in your area which would be another option to consider?

With these considerations answered, then this forum can help and explain how to go about your network, which incidentally should not be difficult.

  dan 11 07:12 31 Oct 2004

First of all your questions not silly :-), it brings up a lot of interesting possibilities.

One of the main facts is if the time computer is using the internet then a separate machine will not be able to also use the internet as the phone line will be in use, busy signal.

If the time machine is not connected to the net then the new machine will be able to access the internet, as the phone line is not in use.

Possible work arounds to have both machines surfing at the same time are;

To have a separate phone line installed, so each computer has it's own dedicated line. The disadvantage is this is expensive.

Or to network the two computers by a simple crossover cable from the lan ports, disadvantage is that the speed will be split between both computers. This will make surfing very slow and usually one computer gets more than it's share of bandwidth.

For what you would have to pay for both computers on the internet, then from the financial and performance side. broadband would suit you down to the ground, if it is available in your area. One computer could receive the signal and the it could be split to the other computer, if you had 512k broadband, then both computers would run about 5 times faster than dial-up.

As for another computer then yes any other would do, if you want to use dial-up or broadband. If you want a dial-up service for this computer then any 56k modem would be alright and it does not need to be tied to supanet if you wish to use a separate internet provider. If you wish to use the second computer for you existing supanet account, then you can get a disk from time, but ring supa net to see if they allow the account to be used on two separate machines.

  mec13 08:21 31 Oct 2004

Firstly I thank you all to your intelligent, and most informative responce's to my query! Oh if only I could get 'Broadband' but unfortunately my phone line did not pass the 'line checker' test according to Supanet. I pay £16 a month for 'supahighway'(12 month contract) which is anytime on the internet, and to give credit to my ISP, it,s OK (I'm trying not to advertise) That is why I posted my original responce, due to my dail up connection, because even cable is not an option in our area. So basicly I'm stuck with 'dail-up' for the time being, Supanet is my provider, which I don't really mind, providing they allow me to connect to a 2nd computer on the same dail up connection. Win Xp home is my operating system, as will be my 2nd unit. So what I'm really asking is, can I just get a connecting cable and plug both computers together on my dail up connection (providing Supanet allows this)or what would be the best option in my case?

  dan 11 12:20 31 Oct 2004

The short answer is yes.

To network both computers, so you can share the internet from the main computer to the new one. It would require that both machines have a lan socket on both machines, nearly all machines have these sockets. Then you would need a length of rj45 crossover here Sizes vary up to 20 Mtrs.

With windows XP it is easy. Connect the cable to each machine, turn the internet on the time machine and then do the networking wizard in control panel / network connections / set up a home or small office connection.

As said above by a few, the connection speed when both are on the net will be dire, but with patience you will be able to surf.

If you network from your main machine then this should make no difference to supernet, as you are just using the single line.

  mec13 21:48 31 Oct 2004

dan 11, thank you for your replies to my network query, as your message is easily understood. My level of computer knowledge isnt much to be proud of, although I have used one for home use for many years, I seemed to have reached my level of computering. Networking is to me a jump to a higher level, so good advice and guidance is what you and others have given me. To you all, 'Thank you'

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