Networking... for cheapskates!

  Boffin Boy 13:06 19 Nov 2005

I have two PC's and soon a laptop and want to network them, I need to be able to share an internet connection (which is currently connected by a USB modem) and need all three of the computers to be able to share data between them. All I wanted to ask was is there a cheaper way than using a router etc.? If possible I would like to keep the price at around £30. I have looked into ad-hoc networking and think that this may be a good idea, however am not sure whether or not I am able to do this with three machines. I do not mind one of my PC's staying on whenever I want to use the internet. eBuyer (click here) have a good range of products at cheap prices, so I think that it can be done for around £30.


  amonra 13:33 19 Nov 2005

click here Click her for a good cheap router solution

  keewaa 13:41 19 Nov 2005

Are you on asdl or cable?

I'd highly recommend going down the router route, rather than trying to save £20.

for cable the netgear rp614 @£36 from amazon
for adsl the netgear dg834 @£52 from amazon (or for wireless laptoping the dg824G or GT @ £65 from amazon).

  Boffin Boy 14:01 19 Nov 2005

I agree that it would probably be better to go down the router route, however if I did go down the cheaper route, what would be the disadvantages of this, and how could you do it.


  Chegs ®™ 14:02 19 Nov 2005

I have been trying to get 2 machines thru my desktop in an Ad-Hoc network,its working fine but(there's always a but) only one machine at a time can connect to the desktop.I connect the 1st one,then add the second and the 1st gets disconnected.

  keewaa 14:16 19 Nov 2005

Simplicity for the router: 30 minutes has it all up and running .. netgear have a very easy setup proceedure.

USB modems use up processor power. 1 PC has to be on all the time. You'll need 2 NICs in at least one machine. Apart from that I don't know as I took one look at this method and decided it wasn't for me, and went for a router.

  Boffin Boy 14:59 19 Nov 2005

Thanks for all your comments...

In response to Chegs ®™'s comment, would I be able to stop this problem if I put two wireless cards in my "server" desktop? Or could I continue to use wired between my desktops and have a wireless card on my "server" desktop which communicates with the laptop's card, by doing this will the laptop be able to communicate with the wired desktop 2 (see click here)?


btw. I don't mind having to spend time tweaking with things until they are OK. Also just out of interest, what is the cheapest wireless modem router anyone can find?

  Chegs ®™ 19:01 19 Nov 2005

I carn't answer that question,as I only possess one WiFi PCI card.I have 4 PCMCIA cards to experiment with but these only fit into my laptops.I am presently waiting for a plugin card for my modem/router(Wireless-Ready Gateway,that takes a particular type of PCMCIA card)arriving,it took awhile to find a suitable type card cheap but I bought one yesterday.

  Boffin Boy 19:02 19 Nov 2005

If what I said above seems a bit confusing... I basically mean, will this (click here) work?


  Boffin Boy 19:04 19 Nov 2005

Sorry Chegs, missed your comment then..
Only by 1 min!!!

  djtjuk 19:07 19 Nov 2005

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