networking (ad-hoc)

  BEVERLEY-256334 13:19 09 Mar 2004

I have a pc running on windows xp and an old pc running on windows 98, the xp is connected to blueyonder broadband via motorola surfboard modem and NIC card, is it posible to set up a network without the use of a router either wired or wireless to these two pc's. I have read somewhere about ad-hoc, am I on the right track.

I would be greatful of any help.

  stylehurst 14:09 09 Mar 2004

Yes it is possible, although I would strongly recommend a router, it gives greater versatility.
Disadvantage of not using a router is that you would need to keep the XP machine on whilst connecting to Web with 98 machine.
Use a crossover cable & ICS which comes with XP.
A routewr can be picked up for under £50.

  BEVERLEY-256334 14:20 09 Mar 2004

thanks for that, the 98 machine is very low spec, does this cause any problems.

  Rigga 14:42 09 Mar 2004

Cheap router here. £19.99.

click here

and you can get the cable and another network card from them as well.

I've used Cable Universe several times and had no problems, usually the items are packed and dispatched the same day as you order.


  BEVERLEY-256334 14:52 09 Mar 2004

Hi, Rigger, thanks, is the modem suitable for broadband, is it better to have wired or wireless.

  stylehurst 14:09 10 Mar 2004

Had a look at the Cable Universal product, it is a switch not a router, & doesn't have a modem.
Have a look at USR, a bit more expensive but probably a better product.
A decent router should have a built in firewall, essential if you are using B/B.
USR product I use is just a router, Telewest supply the modem. Router allows for upto 4 PCs, plus has facility to connect my old dial up modem if I want plus facility to connect printer and allow printer sharing.
Personal preference is for wired network, cheaper & no problems about security.

  stylehurst 14:16 10 Mar 2004

Just had another look at your original post, all you do with Telewest is:
1 Register the MAC address of the router with Blueyonder.
2 Fit the network card to your second machine (Suggest you also register the MAC address of this network card with Blueyonder)
3 Do the above items before changing your system around.
4 Connect your PCs to the router, and transfer your modem connection to the router.
5 USR have a very good setup guide if you follow that you shouldn't have any problems as router will do most of the configuring for you.
6 Low spec 98 machine shouldn't cause a problem, I had a 133 running 98 in the system until recently.
7 USR router will cost about 50 from PC world so may be available cheaper elsewhere

Hope above helps

  BEVERLEY-256334 14:23 10 Mar 2004

Hi,stylehurst, thats everything I needed to know, thanks for the detailed advice.

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